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Why Drapes and Upholstery Need Regular Cleaning

The benefits of having your carpet cleaned are well-known — clean carpets help keep your entire home cleaner, reduce germs, controls allergens and improves the appearance of your home. But that’s not all you can do to increase those benefits. Another thing you can do to increase those benefits is to include your drapes and […]

Drapery Cleaning Ponte Vedra

Drapery Cleaning Ponte Vedra Fabric and Tile Masters is Ponte vedra drapery cleaning. We clean them primarily on location, although there are occasions when we remove them and take them to the cleaning plant. We clean them as they hang in the customers home for several reasons: Removing the draperies temporarily leaves the customer with […]

Ponte Vedra Carpet Cleaning and Ponte Vedra Travertine Cleaning

Ponte Vedra Carpet Cleaning 221-9550 and Ponte Vedra Travertine Cleaning   Ponte Vedra carpet cleaning is something Fabric and Tile Masters does every day. The links at the top of this page will direct you to our services. Ponte Vedra Beach is located on Florida’s First Coast, in St. Johns county. Northern St. Johns county […]

Atlantic Beach Carpet Cleaning

Atlantic Beach Carpet Cleaning We live and work in Atlantic Beach Florida. Our equipment and supplies are kept in warehouses on Mayport Road. We live in the Selva Marina area. Atlantic Beach Carpet Cleaning is what we do. The reason I mention this is that we are uniquely able to provide a high level of […]

Carpet Cleaning Atlantic Beach

Carpet Cleaning Atlantic Beach Our company, Fabric and Tile Masters cleans 100’s of homes in Atlantic Beach and throughout Northeast Florida. We refinish stone (granite and marble) floors, showers and counters.  Carpet, upholstery and draperies are restored to like new. Atlantic Beach Florida is located in Duval County Florida (near Jacksonville) on a narrow strip […]

Ponte Vedra Carpet Odor Removal

    When we try to isolate pet stains, some times it is difficult because they are invisible to the naked eye. Fabric & Tile Masters uses a welders black light to make the stain visible for treatment.       Below you can see the invisible stains exposed to the ultraviolet light. The nose […]

Commercial floor cleaning Jacksonville

 Commercial Floor Cleaning Jacksonville Commercial floor cleaning Jacksonville is a specialty of ours that includes the broadest product offering (at high quality) that is available today. Fabric and Tile Masters provides the following services to commercial floor owners in Jacksonville. Carpet cleaning Vinyl flooring (strip and refinish) Ceramic tile (cleaning and sealing) Rubber floors Wood […]

Carpet Cleaner Jacksonville

Carpet Cleaner Jacksonville This carpet cleaning tip is  unavailable to commercial floor owners. It can prolong any cleaning or restoration or newly installed floors beauty more than any other method. It is simple. It is free. And it makes sense. We clean carpet so we know how this works. The method quite simple and I […]

Jacksonville Cleaning Olefin Carpet

Jacksonville Cleaning Olefin Carpet Olefin is a popular material for manufactured carpet. Olefin is a synthetic fiber. It is made from petroleum byproducts. It is popular in broadloom carpet manufacture. Many homes have nylon in their bedrooms only to have an olefin in the family room. Jacksonville cleaning  olefin carpet requires certain ingredients that make […]

Fabric & Tile Masters Vacuum Prior to Professional Carpet Cleaning

Vacuum Prior to professional carpet cleaning Why does Fabric and Tile Masters  vacuum prior to professional carpet cleaning? If you have your carpet cleaned professionally, you will not have your carpet vacuumed unless you vacuum yourself. We vacuum every carpet before we clean it. The need for dry vacuuming is well documented and recognized in […]