Atlantic Beach Carpet Cleaning

Atlantic Beach Carpet Cleaning

We live and work in Atlantic Beach Florida. Our equipment and supplies are kept in warehouses on Mayport Road. We live in the Selva Marina area. Atlantic Beach Carpet Cleaning is what we do.

The reason I mention this is that we are uniquely able to provide a high level of service for the Atlantic Beach resident. There are several advantages for the Atlantic Beach resident.

  • If you need an estimate in Atlantic Beach, we are minutes away and can schedule the estimate at your convenience.
  • Fabricmasters  has hundreds of references in Atlantic Beach that will be glad for you to call them, at which point they will describe our superior service.
  • Fabricmasters works mainly in the high end homes of Atlantic Beach. We are experienced and well trained in providing service for the fine fabrics and finishes that are found in these homes. There is no company that has a comprehensive product offering that is as broad as Fabric and Tile Masters.
  • If you live in Atlantic Beach and have an emergency stain or spill we are often able to remove them before they set into the fabric or carpet fibers.
  • Fabricmasters also provides expert water damage emergency service in Atlantic Beach Florida. We are minutes away from your home and can be there to fix the problem in a matter of minutes.

The reason I titled this article Atlantic Beach Carpet Cleaning (by referral) is that we get 90% of our work from referrals. Satisfied customers, stone fabricators, tile and carpet retailers and distributors, and insurance agents and adjusters are the main source for our companies business. Many times we are told by shoppers that they have been told by several people we are the best company to call.

Atlantic beach carpet cleaning

In any market (in any business for that matter) there are very few companies that make most of the sales. Many of the tile distributors and dealers in Jacksonville are located on Phillips Highway. These companies represent the 20% of the flooring business that make 80% of the sales. Many of these companies have our business cards and brochures on file, and when one of their customers has a problem with a maintenance or instillation issue, Fabric and Tile Masters is called to fix the problem. If you would like a reference to speak with the staff of any of these companies we would be delighted to provide it to you.

There are many services we are expert at that are detailed on the link pages listed above. In Atlantic Beach most customers are interested finding a company that is expert in several different areas like odor control, stone refinishing, tile repairs, grout cleaning, and drapery cleaning. If you need additional services please click the tabs above to view detailed descriptions of these various services.

It is difficult to maintain a business like ours by referral only. The only way we are able to do this is by offering a service that is above average in all those skills listed above. We have a 100% satisfaction rating, confirmed by our “no complaints” A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau of Northeast Florida. We are also member of the Marble Institute of America.



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I am the owner and founder of Fabric & Tile Masters and have decades of experience with all of the categories I write about. We refinish stone walls, counter and floors every day.

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