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Marble and Granite Restoration & Refinishing
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Do your marble or granite countertops appear dull or have scratches from years of wear and tear? It’s normal for countertops to appear dull and worn after continual daily use. But don’t replace them just yet.

With proper refinishing, your marble or granite countertops can look shiny, clean, and new again without paying for a full replacement.

Choose the Master Stone Care Professionals at Fabric & Tile Masters for Stone Refinishing

Don’t allow just anyone to refinish your expensive counters. Granite and marble countertops are an investment and quality refinishing takes professional skill and years of experience. From a technical standpoint, it’s one of the more difficult refinishing tasks for craftsmen.

At Fabric & Tile Masters, our craftsmen carefully select the proper tools and grit progression to make sure scratches and etches are safely removed from the surface. Experience is critical, which is why we only hire the best.

What You Can Expect When You Work with Us

When you choose Fabric & Tile Masters, you’ll receive professional service from start to finish. We’ll refinish your marble or granite countertops in your home without needing to remove them.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A professional, trained stone refinisher will be sent to your home at a date and time that’s convenient for you.
  • Before we begin, your technician will assess the condition of your countertops and determine the appropriate level of refinishing needed.
  • After your countertops are refinished, your home will appear as we found it. You’ll have shiny, beautiful counters with no extra mess to clean up.

While we’re there, many customers take advantage of our other refinishing services such as refinishing stone surfaces in showers and removing soap film left behind. Let us know – we’re happy to refinish all stone surfaces at once!

Polishing and Sealing Granite, Marble, and Travertine Countertops

While granite, marble, and travertine surfaces are ideal for home countertops and virtually indestructible, they need to be maintained to last a lifetime. When they’re properly polished and sealed, these surfaces can offer years of functionality and beauty in your kitchen or bathrooms.

How do you know if your countertops need to be sealed? Test granite counters by placing a small amount of water on the surface. Discoloration or signs of absorption mean the stone needs sealing. Make sure your counters are sealed properly to prevent discoloration and damage from liquids including cooking oils.

Marble countertops should be polished after refinishing for protection and shine. Travertine countertops are similar to granite and marble and come in a variety of colors and textures. It can be finished to the desired gloss from brushed to shiny. Travertine cleaning and polishing should always be completed by professionals since they often react to certain liquids or harsh chemicals.

Dull, Worn, or Scratched Countertops? Fabric & Tile Masters Can Help

Don’t wait another year. Take care of your investment and extend the lifetime of your countertops with quality stone refinishing from Fabric & Tile Masters—the premier natural stone surface refinishing company serving all of Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marble Restoration & Refinishing for Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Homeowners

Do you have questions about your marble, granite, or travertine surfaces? Are you wondering if professional marble restoration and refinishing are needed? As experienced stone refinishing professionals in the Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra areas we are here to help! Take a look at our answers to some of the frequently asked questions you may have.

The restoration of marble (or travertine, granite, etc.) is the art of restoring worn surfaces back to the state in which it was first installed. Over time, especially in high use or traffic areas, your marble surface will need to be restored to bring back its original luster.

Stone restoration surfaces can also include changing the stone's surface to match the desired finish. Whether that may be changing the finish from a polished shine to a more honed matte finish or vice versa.

There are two easy ways to tell when you should have your marble countertops or floors professionally restored. First, when you start to notice that the finish on the marble surfaces has become dull or matte in appearance, even after you have given them a good cleaning. Also, when you start to notice that the surface is staining easily or absorbing liquids. These things indicate that the sealer has worn off and the surface should be resealed to prevent significant damage.
Essentially, any existing sealant finish will be stripped off the marble stone first. Then the marble will be professionally cleaned and scratches or etches will be safely removed from the surface. Finally, the marble will be refinished, polished, and sealed to protect it.
The cost of refinishing will vary based on the size of the area and the level of refinishing needed. One of our professionally trained stone refinishers can come out to your home and assess the current condition of the stone surface and determine the appropriate refinishing service required. This will allow us to give you a customized price that will have your surface shining like new in no time.
Ideally, the best way to avoid permanent stains is to wipe up the spill as soon as possible from the surface. Make sure to use a clean and damp non-abrasive cloth. Another important factor is to make sure your marble is sufficiently sealed to prevent stains from getting down into the pores of the stone. It is recommended to re-apply sealer every 6 to 12 months depending on the amount of traffic the area sees.
Usually, when a stone surface starts to become dull and lose its original shine it can be attributed to abrasion from frequent use and/or the use of harsh chemicals or coatings to try and clean the surface. To clean weekly, you should always use a neutral and mild soap or cleaners that are specifically designed for maintaining natural stone. For the daily maintenance of the marble or stone flooring use a dry untreated dust-mop. Spray and mop type floor cleaners for vinyl floors should never be used to clean stone floors. These types of cleaners will further damage the surface and increase maintenance.
Regular maintenance will help extend the life and look of your stone countertops or floors. We recommend cleaning the surface each week with a mild microfibre cloth and a very mild soap to remove dirt or grime. It is very important to use a pH neutral substance that will not damage the sealer. You can also use a commercial stone cleaner to safely and effectively clean the surface. In between these cleanings you can use a clean and dry dust rag or mop to pick up loose particles that may scratch your surface.
There’s actually no way to protect marble surfaces from ALL stains. You always want to make sure your marble is sealed. The sealant protects most liquids from absorbing into the marble, which is porous, but it cannot protect against acidic substances. Marble and other natural stones are very susceptible to acid from things like lemons or vinegar. Unfortunately, there is no way to fully stop etching, dulling, or scratch marks. Only proper care and maintenance can help maintain the life of your finish.
Marble and other natural stones are very porous. So it can quickly absorb liquids into it, especially if the area is not properly sealed. Luckily, because the material is porous, you still have an advantage in cleaning a stain out of it. You just reverse the process by using a chemical poultice mixture that will safely draw the stain out. The most common mixture to use is baking soda and water in a paste-like consistency. Applying this mixture, covering the area with plastic wrap, and letting it sit for 24 hours will pull the stain causing liquid out of the surface. Just wipe clean with a dry damp cloth.
Those “water spots” aren’t actually what they seem. It is actually etch marks from where an acidic substance made contact with the marble. Marble and many other stone surfaces are very sensitive to low pH and can develop these permanent “watermark” stains. To remove these, the marble will have to be professionally polished and restored.

Don’t see your question here? Give us a call. You can trust the professionals here at Fabric & Tile Masters to answer your questions and restore your marble and stone surfaces to like-new finishes. Contact us today for more information on our restoration and refinishing services throughout the Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra areas.

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