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Jacksonville Tile Cleaning & Granite and Marble Restoration Experts

Application of MORE Anti Etch Sealer is a unique service we offer to make your marble etch proof

When property owners need professional restoration of stone surfaces, Fabric and Tile Masters is the company to call.

Bring back the beauty of your tile, marble, and granite surfaces.

Many people have marble floors, walls and counters that need to have wear and scratches removed. Marble is sensitive to low pH etching and can develop permanent “water mark” stains. Marble will also lose its polish finish in walking areas over time and develop a hone, or more of a matte finish.

Floors that are hone finish should be professionally honed periodically to make them look brand-new. Fabric and Tile Masters can help you find the perfect finish.

Transform Your Stone Finish For a Brand New Look.

Almost every stone or tile surface will change over time. At Fabric and Tile Masters, we can restore your surface to a like-new finish, or even change it to give you the appearance of a different finish. This is just the beginning of what we can do for you:

  • If you purchased a hone-finish tile and want it changed to a polish finish, we can make this transformation for you. We can also take the stone from a polish to a honed finish.
  • Stone showers often need attention to remove soap film and mineral deposits followed by polishing the tiles back to a factory finish.
  • Granite in many residential settings are used as kitchen countertops. With daily use, they can become dull over time. We’re experts at polishing and restoring these to their original beauty.
  • Travertine tiles are installed extensively throughout Northeast Florida. We can hone or polish them, as well as replace missing fill. When we hone/clean travertine tiles, we use superheated water to activate degreasers that will return the tiles to a like-new finish. We also manufacture and sell a travertine patch to fill the holes that develop over time.
  • We can restore your Terrazzo floors to a like new finish saving you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Call us today or contact us for a free quote on all your stone refinishing needs.

Check Out Testimonials from Satisfied Fabric & Tile Masters Clients

Shannon B.

Sooo happy I called this fabulous husband and wife team to refurbish my marble counters. They had deep scratches, etchings, a burn mark, etc and all were removed. The best part was I had iron stains in my marble floors and they took the time to research products and were the ONLY company (between marble experts, tile stores, builders) that were able to resolve my problem, versus digging up our bathroom floors and replacing the marble tile. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Shannon B.

Fred Google My Biz

Floor looks literally like new ! Couldn’t be happier! Harry and his wife squeezed us in before Thanksgiving and did an amazing job. Thank you


Mary H.

This is a family owned business that does fantastic work. They cleaned the travertine floors in our new home that hadn’t been touched in years. I can’t say enough good things about Harry and Karen (the owners). From start to finish – they were professional and friendly. They took the time to walk me through what they were doing and how to take care of my floors to keep them looking good as new. While she was here, Karen and I had fun watching the Blue Angels practice for the air show! All around just great people who do great work – I would absolutely recommend them!!

Mary H.

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