Why Drapes and Upholstery Need Regular Cleaning

Drapery and Upholstery Cleaning

The benefits of having your carpet cleaned are well-known — clean carpets help keep your entire home cleaner, reduce germs, controls allergens and improves the appearance of your home.
But that’s not all you can do to increase those benefits. Another thing you can do to increase those benefits is to include your drapes and upholstery when you have your carpets cleaned.
Upholstery and drapery cleaning may seem simple enough, but if not done properly it can result in disaster with your drapery and upholstered fabrics ruined. And without professional cleaning tools, the dust and debris in your fabrics won’t be properly removed.
Thicker fabrics are usually used for curtains, drapes and furniture coverings, so dust can easily accumulate deep down in folds as well as on the surfaces of these items. You may not see the effects of this accumulated dust until your drapes or furniture are very dirty. If you have pets, the problem can be much worse, since pet fur and dander drifts through the air and quickly builds up on surfaces throughout your house.

How Upholstery Cleaning Can Save You Money

Dust may seem relatively harmless, but dirt can cause unseen damage to your upholstery and drapes. The tiny particles are often coarse and capable of causing microscopic tears in delicate fabrics. Over time, this accelerates overall wear and tear on your furniture. A bit of maintenance can go a long way toward preserving your investment in your furnishings and help keep your home looking immaculate.
Furniture and expensive drapes are an investment — and owners expect this investment to last. To make your furniture, upholstery and draperies last, and save you money on replacement costs, always have regular cleanings scheduled.

How Regular Upholstery Cleaning Benefits You and Your Family’s Health

Cleaning your upholstery regularly can help avert other potential problems as well. Even if you don’t have pets in your home, the air is constantly being filled with mold spores, pollen, human hair and dander, plus dust mites and other microscopic particles. The presence of these allergens can lower your air quality and cause anything from minor respiratory issues to full allergic reactions in family members who are particularly sensitive to allergens. Removing these impurities in the air and on fabrics will also reduce or eliminate unwanted odors. Since furniture is used so regularly, it often traps unpleasant odors and mustiness.
Remember that the first impression of visitors to your home is its appearance, from how clean the carpets and walls are to the brightness and cleanliness of your furniture. If it’s dingy, worn or smells “off,” you’ll never have another chance to make that first impression again. So make sure you maintain the look of your home by regularly cleaning all surfaces, not just your carpeting.
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