Carpet Cleaner Jacksonville

Carpet Cleaner Jacksonville

This carpet cleaning tip is  unavailable to commercial floor owners. It can prolong any cleaning or restoration or newly installed floors beauty more than any other method. It is simple. It is free. And it makes sense. We clean carpet so we know how this works.

The method quite simple and I will detail the steps necessary.
1. Designate an area outside the entryway of the structure that is large enough to accommodate several pairs of shoes.
2. When you arrive at one of these entryways, remove your shoes before you enter the structure.
3. A selection of house shoes or slippers placed at these strategic spaces can be used to move around inside the structure.

It is that simple. The difference in appearance of homes that follow this practice is dramatic. Our company, Fabric and Tile Masters, sends out letters hoping to “get back” customers that have gone past their normal cleaning intervals. Many times these customers call to tell us they are still loyal customers, but that since they now remove their shoes, they don’t need the frequent cleanings they did before.

Using this tip could put a cleaner out of business.

Most cleaners rely on the customer t not take this important step that will cause them to be able to extend the time needed before cleaning.

Sand and dirt, not to mention the occasional tar or pavement grease, abrade fibers, scratch stone, and cause most of the “wear patterns” that appear in the shaded walk areas we see everyday. Since there are tile walkways installed in most homes, the entryway soil is now found in the bedroom carpets, where the shoes are cleaned off. We often see a “U” develop on the carpet from the mater bedroom threshold to the master bath tile.

It is cheap, it is simple, and it will save you money. And when you need a professional cleaner think of Fabric and Tile Masters.


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