Drapery Cleaning Ponte Vedra

Drapery Cleaning Ponte Vedra

Fabric and Tile Masters is Ponte vedra drapery cleaning. We clean them primarily on location, although there are occasions when we remove them and take them to the cleaning plant.

We clean them as they hang in the customers home for several reasons:

  • Removing the draperies temporarily leaves the customer with no window coverings.
  • Cornices and folded ceiling treatments are sometimes impossible to remove and put back.
  • Draperies are primarily made of natural fibers (cotton and silk) and no dry cleaner will guarantee against shrinkage
  • Over time, there is deterioration of the seam thread that often separates at a cleaning plant.

Fabric and Tile Masters uses The Ultimate by US Products to clean draperies and upholstery.

For this reason we have developed a process where we uses portable equipment to  clean the draperies as they hang. The primary soil being removed is dust. Dust removal is accomplished by using attachment that can meter a heated or non heated dry cleaning solvent to the drapery. We have to use these solvents because water based chemicals have the potential to shrink or mark the fabric. It is important to note that when I say we are primarily removing dust, other spots like food or drink stains are rarely able to be removed in any case. Natural fibers are easily dyed and the colors in most food and drink are permanent. A helpful tip if you do have to have the draperies taken to a plant: take a digital picture of where they fall, with a tape measure showing the exact distance to the floor. This should eliminate discussions about possible shrinkage.

The only draperies we can remove such stains from are draperies constructed of synthetic fibers. These are found in commercial settings and can support water based cleanings with no shrinkage.

In Ponte Vedra, drapery cleaning is a natural for us because we are located nearby and have cleaned draperies there for many years. The video of this work and the pictures are all taken in Ponte Vedra.


This is a commercial drapery instillation where removing and rehanging the draperies was impractical. If you look closely at the ceiling treatment, you can see the dust being removed.

Drapery cleaning in Sawgrass Country Club

Beautiful silk draperies cleaned on location.

Ponte Vedra drapery cleaning







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