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Protect Your Tile With Professional Tile Cleaning from Fabric & Tile Masters—Your Jacksonville Tile & Grout Cleaning Specialists!

Tile Cleaning is a procedure Fabric and Tile Masters is throughly familiar with. We routinely clean thousands of square feet of tile and grout each month.

Our Tile Cleaning Services Include:

  • Tile preconditioned with the appropriate chemical that will remove the soil unique to the situation at hand. For example a bathroom tile may need a low pH cleaner (an acid) to remove mineral deposits and a kitchen may need a high pH (alkaline) to remove oily residue. Occasionally the tiles need to be scrubbed with a floor machine to remove severe soiling from the face of the tiles.
  • Applied chemicals need to be allowed to remain on the tile, without drying, until it has a chance to work.
  • Following the above steps, we use hot water and suction to remove the chemical and remove the soil that is released due to the combination of the chemical and the heated water.
  • This step is completed with a long handled extraction device connected to hoses that provide the heated water as well as suction to remove it. That tool should be followed with a smaller hand tool that is able to detail the edges of the tiles especially around kitchen cabinets where the larger machine is too tall to fit beneath them.
  • After we dry the tiles we use a floor fan to dry the tiles and then apply a sealer to the grout.

Our Tile Cleaning Work


Why Our Tile Cleaning Process is Different

At Fabric and Tile Masters we use a 200,000 BTU burner in our outside unit to provide hot water to the surface of the tiles. This allows us to work with heat that is consistently over 220 degrees. Our competitors use heat exchange units that are designed for carpet cleaning and are unable to provide hot water at temperatures needed to properly clean your tile and restore it to it’s original beauty.

Tile cleaning also requires the following features provided by Fabric and Tile Masters. We are the only company we know of that can accomplish these at the time of cleaning:

  • Removal of construction residue and grout haze.
  • Removal of improperly applied sealers.
  • Removal and replacement of cracked and missing grout.
  • Refinishing, including the use of diamond tooling to hone and restore natural stone tiles.
  • Application of colored epoxy and mortar fill to cracks and holes in natural stone tiles.
  • Removal of mineral deposits and soap film from shower enclosures. Also refinishing the vertical surface of such tile with diamond tooling to restore the tiles to a factory finish.
  • In shower enclosures application the correct grout and caulk where missing.

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Tile Cleaning Services FAQs

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