Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville

How your carpet looks can play a major role in the appearance of your Jacksonville, Beaches, Orange Park or Ponte Vedra home or office. This is why it’s so important contact the best carpet cleaning company in Jacksonville, FL. Why would you want to try the cheapest service in town? Some fly-by-night carpet cleaners are in-and-out of your house as fast as they can. Unfortunately, their one-step approach can leave your floors damp for days as spots from heavily soiled areas slowly reappear. Our Jacksonville carpet cleaning company are made up of professionals that never cut corners and our carpet cleaning process leaves your carpet feeling as soft as a new installation.

Our 3 Step Carpet Cleaning Process



The truth is, most owners could care less how their carpet is cleaned, but at Fabric & Tile Masters, we do. That’s what makes us the top carpet cleaner in Jacksonville. When we finish your carpets will look better,smell fresher and stay cleaner longer. We start with a commercial-grade pile lifter vacuum to remove loose particles of soil, sand and hair. Then, we use a powerful bi-directional carpet cleaner to apply conditioners as we shampoo your carpets. Once your carpet is professionally prepped, we use a hot water extraction method for a deep carpet cleaning that will leave the floors in your Jacksonville home looking great and feeling new.

Since your investment extends from room to room, it just makes sense to use a Jacksonville carpet cleaning company whose equipment has more power than a local rental unit. Our carpet cleaning professionals know their equipment and understand how to use the proper agents and conditioners for different fibers and carpet weaves.

For quality services at affordable prices, call The Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Jacksonville! Contact us at (904) 221-9550 and protect the beauty of your investment.

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