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Much of the maintenance that Jacksonville homeowners face can be done without the help of professionals, but grout cleaning can be a particularly challenging task. For the best results, call on experts with the knowledge to use the right techniques, tools and products on each type of grout in your home.

At Fabric & Tile Masters, we have the specialists with the experience and equipment to restore your tile and grout to its original appearance.

Professional Grout Cleaning – Restores Old Tile to Look New Again

Different types of grout require specific cleaning approaches. There are basically two kinds of grout: epoxy and cement-based. Epoxy is mainly used for commercial applications, while cement-based grout is most often used in homes, and is either sanded or non-sanded.

Sanded grout is most commonly used for joints more than one-eighth of an inch wide. It’s generally more durable and prone to fewer problems than non-sanded grout and can almost always be returned to a like-new condition.

Non-sanded grout, often used with natural stone tiles, on walls and when the thinnest possible joint is desired, is subject to permanent staining. Wall-grade, non-sanded grout may have particulates such as sand, clay or feldspar ground into it, and may need to be completely removed and reapplied in order to restore it.

Understanding the nature of each type of grout is essential to selecting the proper approach to renewing its appearance. Fabric & Tile Masters residential and commercial clients rely on our experience to recommend the grout restoration solution that’s right for their tile and grout cleaning needs.

Fabric & Tile Master’s 5 Step Grout Cleaning Process

pre scrub grout with rotary scrubber and acid based cleanser
grout cleaning extract first step solution
grout cleaning apply alkaline based cleaner
grout cleaning step 4 extract alkaline cleaner
grout cleaning final step—apply sealer

What You Can Expect from Fabric & Tile Masters—Our Grout Cleaning Process

The condition of your grout can vary from being lightly soiled to having heavily embedded soils, stains and oils. In some extreme cases, it’s impossible to tell by looking what the original grout color was. Additionally, different types of grout need different types of grout cleaning techniques.

That’s why we carefully assess the condition of your tile and grout before deciding the best grout cleaning options.

The chief enemy of grout is dried oily residue. Regardless of the sealer that may have been used, stains from spilled or dripped oil can be permanent and are one of the main reasons that professional grout cleaning services should be brought in. Other sources of grout problems are usually due to a combination of factors, such as mineral deposits from the hard water we often find in Jacksonville and the buildup of alkaline cleaning products.

To remove the oils, dirt, minerals and other soils that accumulate over time, our experts use specially formulated alkaline or acid cleaners according to the nature of the soil, which dictates the pH of the chemical that’s best suited for cleaning your grout.

After we’ve thoroughly cleaned your grout, the application of a sealer is nearly always necessary. Care must be taken not to apply the sealer to certain types of tile, since some surfaces, such as ceramic tile, are non-porous and the sealer can lead to rapid resoiling. We use a water-based sealer on grout rather than solvent-based, which can attract soil to the tile surface. On natural stone tiles, we apply the sealer to the entire tile because it is porous and can absorb the sealer.

Need Professional Grout Cleaning? Contact the Jacksonville Grout Cleaning Experts

While other companies provide grout cleaning services in the Jacksonville area, none have the methods, experience, equipment and supplies that Fabric & Tile Masters’ professionals bring to the job.

We’ll gladly provide references from the satisfied homeowners, interior designers and tile distributors and retailers who depend on our highly trained service professionals to clean and restore grout.

Grout Cleaning FAQs

Grout Cleaning FAQ

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