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Need Shower Tile Repairs in Jacksonville? Call Fabric & Tile Masters for Immediate Help!

Fabric and Tile Masters offers the widest variety of shower cleaning, shower tile repair, and refinishing in North Florida.

Our shower repair services includes:

  • Removal and replacement of cracked and missing grout. We use special tools to remove the grout.
  • Removal and replacement of cracked and missing caulk from the corners and edges of the shower.
  • Cleaning and detailing ceramic and porcelain floors and walls. We use truck mounted pressure systems to remove mineral deposits and soap film.
  • Refinishing natural stone surfaces including marble and granite. We can return these surfaces to their original beauty.
  • Sealing shower surfaces.

Shower Repair – The Reason it’s Needed

Shower repairs often focus only on the grout and caulk.

Many times a shower can develop mold even when there is no visible missing grout or caulk. If you do see missing grout and caulk, you need to remedy this right away — contact us to get this repaired immediately.  

Often we are working on unrelated material — like a kitchen floor or a piece of upholstery — customers show us their missing shower grout and caulk and ask what they should do. We let them know: shower tile and grout repair is far more important than what we have been called there to do. Water that seeps behind the tiles can cause the shower to fail and require a dreaded rip out and replace or it can lead to mold growth and potential health issues.

How Your Shower Tile and Grout Becomes Compromised

There are a few ways your shower tiles can become compromised — here are some of the more common ways:

  • The installer used grout in the edges and corners instead of caulk. Grout is mixed with water and caulk is mixed with latex. The grout shrinks as it ages. The caulk doesn’t. This is why you may see cracks in the corners and around the floor edge.
  • There are weep holes under the shower floor to help the shower drain properly. these can become clogged.
  • The shower can have an almost airtight, ceiling to floor glass. There is often inadequate ventilation and the shower never dries.
  • The floor is not sloped to the drain. This can cause the tiles (especially natural stone) to develop what is known as spalling.  The tile will begin to disintegrate from the surface.
  • There is a leak behind the shower wall from another source. An exterior window can leak and cause this.

Shower Repair – How We Do It

Shower regrouting and recaulk, and cleaning are necessary in most cases.

Before we regrout a shower, we use a moisture meter to confirm the tiles are dry enough to regrout. If necessary we install a dehumidifier to dry the grout. Again, these tools are completely unavailable to the handyman or the installer that is out of work.

The tools we mention above to remove the grout includes the Fein Multimaster. This tool gently osculates the grout without damaging the tile itself. This is especially important when removing grout from a natural stone tile.

Another advantage in using our company  is that we process several shower repairs as part of our other services each week.  Because of this, we do very good repairs. Many times we see the result of a handy man effort to caulk or grout. These repairs rarely last. The weakest effort we see involves attempting to score the grout with a razor knife followed by skimming on a coat of grout. This skim coat of grout will wash away in a few months and your grout will look no better than before the repair.

After the caulk and grout are removed we grout the tiles with the appropriate sanded or non sanded  grout. We then replace the caulk with the matching color to the corners.

Shower Cleaning – How We Do It

Cleaning ceramic and porcelain tiles involves removal of mineral deposits and soap film. We accomplish this using the correct chemicals. The equipment we use is mounted in a truck. This machine generates heat and pressure that makes the chemicals work effectively.

On a natural stone shower we used abrasive disks to hone the shower walls, bench and curb to the proper grit level. After this we polish if necessary or leave it at a honed finish.

How We're Different
There is no company in North Florida that can do these repairs and clean the shower with a truck mounted cleaner. The cleaners do not do the repairs and the repair companies don’t do cleaning.  And neither one of these can refinish natural stone surfaces.

We have extensive list of references in the neighborhoods we service. Fabric and Tile Masters also has extensive references from most tile dealers and distributors in North Florida.

We are members of the BBB of Northeast Florida and have never had a complaint.

Here’s a quick video of a shower repair and cleaning we performed in a Jacksonville, FL customer’s home:

Under no circumstances do we select grout or caulk colors. This is a link to the Tec products website. These colors will need confirmation from a color chart. The color charts are available at Home Depot. We will have color charts for you if we are scheduled for an estimate.


Here is a picture of the tool we use to remove the grout and caulk in a shower repair. The tool cost around $400 and the diamond and carbide blades (shown)  are expensive, but this is the best way  to remove enough of the grout to get the new grout to maintain stability. If this tool is unavailable the handyman will sometimes use a razor knife to score the grout, in hopes the grout skimmed on top will stick. Shower repairs done in this fashion are destined to fail.


grout cleaning in Jacksonville FL bathroom


shower cleaning in Jacksonville FL - before photo


shower cleaning and repair Jacksonville FL home after

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