Marble Polishing

Marble Polishing is what we do at Fabric and Tile Masters. Years ago we started our business cleaning high end carpeting, upholstery and draperies. The requirements to restore these items is difficult. Delicate fabrics, like silk can be ruined by improper cleaning methods. We still process these jobs for many local customers and interior designers. […]


Marble Repair Ponte Vedra

Marble Repair Jacksonville is a wordpress blog discussion about some of the ways marble is repaired. Marble is a building material that is used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. The reasons the stone would need to be repaired would include some of the following: Cracks and hollow spaces in floor tiles. Tile installed in an […]

Ponte Vedra Beach Marble Polishing

Ponte Vedra Marble Polishing is a service provided by Fabric and Tile Masters. The marble we restore sometimes is not restored at all, but is transformed. These pictures are of Crema Marfil tiles that were installed with a honed finish. The owners of the newly remodeled home changed their mind about the tiles and instead […]

Tile Cleaning Jacksonville

  Tile Cleaning  Jacksonville is a service Fabric and Tile Masters, a Jacksonville, FL company, offers that is unparalleled. Listed below are pictures and videos of tile cleaningJacksonville we do every day. Most of our work comes from recommendations from satisfied customers. The rest comes from tile industry professionals that sell, install, distribute and fabricate […]

Marble Polishing Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Marble Polishing Ponte Vedra Beach FL is a story in this case about a table that needed to be restored. The table stands on lags that are around 18″ tall and are clad with Rojo Alicante Marble that matches the 4×7′ slab on the top. The edge is a beautiful crafted ogee.   Rojo Alicante is a red marble […]

Shower Repair Ponte Vedra

Fabric and Tile Masters is your best source for Shower Repair Ponte Vedra. We undertake the hardest jobs including restoration of vertical stone surfaces. Granite, marble, limestone and slate are all shown in this blog post. We can also make your ceramic or porcelain tile look brand new. These videos and pictures do not lie. […]

Marble Polishing Ponte Vedra, FL

Marble Polishing Ponte Vedra is so much a part of what we do every day.  Our company, Fabric and Tile Masters is located in Atlantic Beach Florida, just north of Ponte Vedra.       At Fabric and Tile Masters we initially entered the marble polishing business by refinishing marble tiles on floors. The reason […]

Travertine Cleaning Ponte Vedra

                        Travertine Cleaning Ponte Vedra   Fabric and Tile Masters is Travertine Cleaning Ponte Vedra. Below there are several pictures of various locations around Ponte Vedra Beach Florida. We are in Ponte Vedra almost every day and can stop by to give you an […]

Travertine Refinishing Ponte Vedra

Travertine refinishing in Western St Johns county. This clip shows how we can refinish an exterior travertine with a chiseled edge. This installation technique has become very popular in interiors as well. The best part of these videos and pictures is that there is no hiding the result. There is light from all angles.   […]

Black Slate Wall Refinishing

This black slate was installed in a slightly uneven manner and the installer used a grinding wheel to correct. To cover the resultant edge scratches he applied several coats of a topical sealer.   We sanded 120, 400, 2000 to get the beautiful hone finish.