10 Ways to Add Travertine Stone to Your Home Improvement Projects 

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For thousands of years, people have loved the rustic look of travertine. Its long history has made it a classic. Varied texture and a wide range of finishing options have allowed it to evolve with time.

If you want light earth tones and natural variation in your home’s stonework, travertine will add the character you’re looking for. Whether you want classic or modern, the durability and beauty of travertine make it ideal for any home.

1. Travertine Tiles in the Entryway

Whether you choose mosaic or pavers, travertine tile is an elegant statement piece for your entryway. Depending on what you pair it with, you can create a look that’s traditional or modern.

2. Travertine Shower

The durability and beauty of travertine make it the perfect material for your shower. If you’re considering travertine for your bathroom, the most important choice you’ll make is selecting the right finish for bathroom use.

3. Travertine Bathroom Floors

The hone-finished or tumble-finished travertine is ideal for the bathroom floors. It keeps some of the natural texture of travertine so you don’t have to worry about slippery floors.

4. Travertine Accents Around the Home

When you’re choosing travertine accents, you’ll be deciding between vein and cross cut tile. The vein cut travertine has the most variation and pattern. The cross cut has a muted pattern and the variation is less visible.

Vein cut provides variation without making a loud statement. Its softness works to counterbalance other bold pieces in a room.

5. Near the Swimming Pool

Because travertine can reflect heat and remains cool under a hot sun, it’s a popular choice for outdoor swimming pool areas. You won’t burn your feet walking across it.

As with bathroom tile, you’ll want a finish that retains the natural variations in texture so the surface won’t be slippery.

6. On the Outdoor Patio

Create the feel of an Italian villa when you use travertine on your patio. Its heat resistance and durability under high traffic makes it ideal for a popular patio.

7. Travertine Pathway Through Your Garden

For walkways, use thicker travertine (1/2 inch or more) to pave the way through your garden. Avoid 3/8 inch thickness travertine which will require a mortar bed and is more prone to cracking outdoors.

8. Kitchen Countertops

Filled and sealed travertine is the perfect choice for kitchen countertops. Its texture has a natural variation that people have come to love.

Be warned: unfilled travertine will absorb food spills so make sure your stone is properly treated for kitchen use.

9. Travertine Sinks

Filled and sealed travertine for kitchen sinks are both water and stain proof. It’s ideal for kitchen sinks.

10. Travertine Fireplaces

Travertine is the alternative to the traditional brick fireplace that often darkens a room. The distressed antique look of travertine stone creates a soft look with natural earth tone colors.

Does the travertine in your home need refinished to renew its luster? Request a quote online or give us a call today at 904-221-9550.

If you’d like to see us in action cleaning and refinishing travertine floors, check out this video of our technicians completing travertine cleaning and polishing for satisfied customers in Jacksonville:

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