Marble Coating Removal Jacksonville

Marble Coating Removal in Jacksonville

What Is Marble Coating Removal?

Marble coating removal is necessary when topical sealers are applied to natural stone. At Fabric & Tile Masters, we offer professional marble coating removal for Jacksonville residents.

We are often asked to apply urethane or acrylic coatings to natural stone. However, we remind clients that these products are good for use on wood or vinyl and should never be applied to stone due to the porous surface. When these finishes penetrate the stone, it can’t be easily removed with traditional methods. Professional marble coating removal is necessary to ground out the stone coating safely and effectively.

If your floors are coated with a topical sealer, you may be able to remove the sealant yourself with a floor stripper made with a glycol ether solvent. Apply to a small area first to see if it loosens the sealer. If it works, you’ll need a wet vac or other equipment to remove accumulated slurry for disposal. For large surfaces, or if DIY projects aren’t for you, call Fabric & Tile Masters to handle the removal and cleanup for you.

Marble Coating Removal Services for Jacksonville Residents

If your marble surfaces are coated with urethane, acrylic or topical sealers, call Fabric & Tile Masters for professional stone coating removal. Our experienced technicians have the equipment and experience needed to remove unwanted coatings and refinish the stone for a perfect shine.

Our complete marble coating removal, finishing, and polishing services allow us to restore old or worn marble floors to their original luster once again. We’re confident you’ll love the results.

Personal Service, Customized Results

When you choose Fabric & Tile Masters:

  • A skilled technician will be sent to your home at the scheduled appointment time.
  • Our technicians thoroughly examine each marble surface and customize the grinding level based on the condition of your floors and results you wish to achieve.
  • With the right tools and technology, our marble coating removal services are efficient and all debris is cleaned up and removed before we leave.

No two marble surfaces are exactly alike, which is why we’re proud to employ skilled technicians with years of experience in marble coating removal and refinishing. Our clients are often astounded by the results!

Call Fabric & Tile Masters for Professional Marble Coating Removal in Jacksonville Today

If you need a difficult sealer removed from your marble floors, Fabric & Tile Masters has you covered. Call us today for a free estimate or request your free estimate online. Whatever your marble floors need, we have the skills, experience, and tools needed to get the job done right the first time.

This counter top was coated with a urethane coating. Removal required using a paint stripper.



Urethane removal from a limestone floor —
This is a limestone that was coated with a topical sealer. After removal the stone was honed and polished.

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