7 Tips for Cleaning Upholstery and When to Hire a Professional

The internet has created new possibilities for DIY projects and solutions. When they work, they can be great money-savers (if not time-savers).

Before you mix up a concoction of cleaners to get rid of that spaghetti sauce stain on your sofa, make sure you’ve taken the necessary precautions. You don’t want your DIY project to turn into your reason for starting the New Year shopping for a new couch.

Rule of Thumb: Clean Spills as Soon as They Happen

Whether it’s wine or coffee, if you can wipe it away before it soaks into the fabric, you may not need to do more.

The problem is when spills soak into the fabric and dry. That’s when you’ll need to use a special cleaner to blot out stains once they’ve dried.

Before You Pour, Figure Out Which Type of Upholstery You’re Dealing With

Before you try anything other than wiping away a mess, find out what type of material you have and what products you can use on it. Leather, wool, and vinyl will all require different types of material and care.

An internet search should tell you which products you can use on different types of materials.

Always Spot Test (But You Already Know This)

Don’t skip this step! Always spot test your cleaners. Wait until the section is completely dry before you decide it’s safe to use on a larger surface.

Use Very Little Water

One of the most common mistakes is using too much water for cleaning upholstery. You don’t need to soak material to get it clean. In fact, soaking your cushions will create the perfect environment for mold and mildew.

Avoid this by using as little water as possible. If your cushions have a zipper, remove the outer covering before you clean it. This will also let you know if the spill soaked through to the inner cushion.

When the DIY Solution Is Less than Satisfying

If your DIY solution doesn’t completely eradicate the stain, don’t settle when a professional can likely get it out. Tell them the type of stain and material and ask for a quote for cleaning. The cost/benefit of professional upholstery cleaning may be just right for you.

When Your Couch Needs a Facelift

If your couch is looking old and dingy, a full cleaning from a professional can make it look new (or like new). Professional upholstery cleaners have the tools and products on hand to provide a thorough cleaning. After seeing your couch cleaned, you may be surprised to realize how dirty it truly was.

When the Situation Is Bad Enough You’re Considering Renting Equipment

If you’re considering renting an upholstery cleaner, do yourself a favor and hire a professional instead. Professional equipment is more powerful to remove stains and commercial upholstery cleaning equipment means your furniture won’t be left wet and will be cleaner than ever.

Renting means you’ll pay for equipment, deal with picking it up and dropping it off, and you’ll be doing the labor yourself. A professional will take all those chores off your hands and get the job done right the first time.

DIY solutions can be a great way to save some money on certain projects — but oftentimes, it’s less costly (in time and real money spent) to hire a professional upholstery cleaner to care for your furniture. Call Fabric & Tile Masters today to schedule your appointment — (904) 221-9550

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