Case Study—Results of our Marble Polishing 5 Years Later

Marble polishing results after 5 years in ponte vedra

Marble Polishing That Lasts

Recently Fabric & Tile Masters had a chance to re-examine a natural stone floor we refinished nearly five years ago. The tiles were travertine that had been installed in a South Ponte Vedra Condominium.

Background on the original job:

In our professional opinion, the tiles were originally installed in a substandard fashion. There were several tiles that had unacceptable levels of lippage that were clearly noticeable (lippage is a variation in height between adjacent tiles). The installers paid a substantial portion of the charges to correct the problem.

The video below shows several parts of the polishing and refinishing process of grinding the floor. The tiles were so uneven we had to flatten the edges by hand using the Makita with electroplated diamonds.

Once we were able to get the edges finished we moved on to grinding the floor with metal diamonds—using 70, 125 grit wheels. Once we had the tiles even, we switched to the resin bond diamonds—using 120, 220, 400, 800, and 1500 grit wheels. We then finished the process with a polish.

Some interesting things about this job:

  • The home is wall to wall travertine with the exception of the kitchen. Even five years after our original polishing job, there were no bad areas that required abrasive restoration at any area. What this means for the customer is the heavy work we put in at the beginning of the job is still paying dividends years later.
  • The original customer was so satisfied, they left our information with each successive owner passing it along to the next one. The current owner remodeled the condo and simply wanted the floor refreshed. We did this by using a polishing compound.

We rarely get to see our work but when we do we are always delighted to see a floor that looks better than even we ever expected it to!

Additionally, the customer will be glad to verify this information for anyone interested!

Here is our video below—please share

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