Why Jacksonville Homeowners Are Turning to Concrete Floors

jacksonville concrete floors are becoming popular

Summers in Jacksonville can be long and hot. In an effort to keep homes cooler while providing a modern aesthetic design, many Jacksonville homeowners are choosing polished concrete floors. Concrete floors last longer than tile or carpet, are allergen friendly, and easier to clean and maintain.

Learn more about the benefits of concrete floors for your Jacksonville home and how to keep them looking shiny and bright.

High Durability and Sustainability

Polished concrete floors are more durable and sustainable than any other type of floorings such as ceramic tile, vinyl, and linoleum. Polished concrete floors can last up to 10 years with regular cleaning, maintenance, and polishing.

Allergen & Eco-Friendly

Polished concrete floors are great for homes with kids, pets, or people with allergies. When polished concrete floors are installed, no hazardous chemicals are used in the installation or maintenance of the floors. Mold, mildew, pet dander, and other allergens don’t stick to or accumulate on the surface. Concrete floors also improve indoor air quality and promote energy efficiencies in the home by keeping it cooler in the summer.


Interested in affordable flooring options? Polished concrete floors are more economical and affordable than vinyl, laminate, or hardwood flooring. If the property already has a slab of concrete, costs can be minimal for polishing.

The cost of concrete floors ranges from $2 to $6 per square foot to polish a plain gray slab, giving it a lustrous shine. Other elaborate finishes can range from $5 to $8 per square foot. Various stain, tonal differences, and subtle cracks offer a stone-like, natural feel.

Visually Appealing

Polished concrete floors offer a pleasant visual appearance inside homes. The high-gloss, smooth look of the flooring adds a sophistication to any space. Not to mention, glossy polished stone flooring reflects light in an appealing way. Polished concrete floors are one of the top choices for hotels, theaters, stores, and high-class homes.

Ambient Lighting

Interested in floors that can improve the lighting in your home? The smooth, shiny surface of polished concrete floors absorbs light and can illuminate the room by 30%.

Low Maintenance

If you’re looking flooring with easy maintenance, polished concrete floors are the best option on the market. To clean concrete floors, all that’s required is sweeping and occasional damp mopping.

Regular cleaning will help preserve the high-gloss and prevent dirt from accumulating on the surface. When concrete floors are professionally polished, your floors will last for many years with minimum care.

Protected Against Stains and Marks

Not only are concrete floors low maintenance, but they also offer the best protection against stains and marks. Polished concrete is great in commercial and residential homes due to their scratch and stain resistant properties. Spills wipe up easily and high-traffic areas of the home don’t appear worn over time like carpet or tile.


Concrete flooring can be versatile and is a great flooring material for indoor and outdoor transitions. If you ever decide to replace concrete with tile or another flooring, it easy to make the transition to the next flooring of your choice.

Temperature Controlled for Summer

During those hot summer days, concrete floors keep the home cool and regulate the temperature indoors. During the rainy season, the floors are easy to clean and maintain when water or dirt get tracked inside.

At Fabric & Tile Masters, we specialize in polishing concrete floors to restore their lustrous gloss and shine. If the concrete floors in your home are looking dull or lacking shine, contact us today to schedule concrete polishing services for your Jacksonville home. Request a quote online or call us at 904-211-9550.

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