Marble Polishing With 20″ Pad Jacksonville FL

This is a video of us polishing a stone floor with a 20″ polishing pad. We usually use a 17″ pad. There are several advantages of the 20″ pads:

  • The ground covered by the 20″ is far faster. Three passes with the 17″ pad driver = 51″ 3 passes with the 20 is 60″.
  • When polishing marble floors there are various polishing compounds. Some of these work better with increased friction. The increased area covered by the 20″ pad increases the torque to the floor by a large amount. i can tell this with one powder we use dry because the resistance is so heavy when the pad is loaded the machine requires use of a machine that uses 220 volts. The 110 volt 2.5 hp machine will trip a breaker in short order with the pad used dry. This increased friction and increased heat causes the floor to develop a polished finish layer mare rapidly than a 17″ machine. My theory is the increased area covered contributes to the resistance and is more important than the increase area polished.
  •  For some reason the polish powder (especially the dry one we use) stays under the machine better than it does on the 17″. I often use a dust respirator because of the slight amount of particles that become airborne.These particles are far less apparent with the 20″ pads.

The videos below show the development of a polished layer using the MB12 polishing powder. I also use this system with the MB 22 polishing powder with excellent results. The wet side polishing works extremely well.


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