5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Company

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Company

More and more people are using tile flooring and wall coverings in their homes today due to its durability and ease of daily cleaning.

Tile fits both contemporary and traditional styles, providing both sleek and elegant looks. After a period of normal wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas, it is not unusual to start to see dullness in your tiles or darkening of grout in your home. Especially with the humidity and salt air often present in the Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra areas, the need to clean your tile and grout is often more frequent.

Tile and grout need care to maintain their look, more than many homeowners realize. Being able to properly care for and maintain tile surfaces and the grouting can quickly become a lot to take on.

Your first instinct may be to try and clean the surfaces yourself, but this can become very time consuming and detrimental to the tile and grout itself. These are just a few of the many reasons why it is usually best to hire a professional tile and grout cleaning company to clean, restore, and protect the surface. These experts deal with these kinds of surfaces day in and day out and can sufficiently clean your surfaces back to a like-new state without damaging the tile or grout.

Trust The Professionals

Professional tile and grout cleaning companies have the knowledge, experience, and resources to clean the floor and wall surfaces sufficiently and keep it that way for months to come. Don’t break your back and your wallet trying to do it yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should hire a professional company to clean your tile and grout in any area of your home.

Professional Tile Cleaning Equipment & Solutions

One of the biggest reasons to hire a professional tile and grout cleaning company is because of their usage and access to professional grade equipment and cleaning solutions. Many store-bought cleaning chemicals simply don’t clean as well and can actually be very damaging to the tile and grout itself. The harshness of some DIY cleaners, especially mixing cleaners, can eat away at the grout and compromise the tiles and surfaces themselves. Especially when used with a store-bought brush or similar tool.

The professionals have access to commercial-grade cleaning equipment like floor cleaners and large BTU burners to provide hot water primed for removing dirt and grime. The cleaning solutions used are also professional grade and often require different pH levels for different surface areas. For example, a kitchen may need a high pH (alkaline) to remove oily residue and a bathroom tile may need a low pH cleaner (an acid) to remove mineral deposits. Also, different types of grout require different cleaning approaches whether they are epoxy or cement-based. Expert tile and grout cleaning companies will take the time to match the cleaning solutions to the type of tile and grout and what kind of residue or stains are needing to be removed.

Protect Your Surfaces & Extend The Life Of Your Tile

The best way to protect your tile and grout surfaces is regular professional cleaning and sealing. Once professionally cleaned, a sealing product specific for the certain types of tile you have is applied. This will help protect the surface and keep it clean for longer. Many experts recommend having your tile and grout professionally cleaned and, more importantly, sealed once per year to extend the life of your tile.

Trying to clean the tile yourself may seem like the cost-saving alternative, but you may actually be setting yourself up for expensive repairs and restoration down the line. Trusting the professionals to clean and seal the tile surfaces will protect your investment and keep it looking the best it should. They will ensure only the appropriate chemicals and sealants are used to effectively clean the tile and grout and protect it for months to come. Tile and grout cleaning professionals extend the life of your tile by preventing the mistreatment of your tile and grout in addition to keeping your surfaces dirt-free—a necessity to preserving the life of the tile. This will help you to cut the cost of replacement and restoration in the future.

Restore To Like-New Appearance

That old and tired tile flooring doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced by new expensive tile work. Professional tile and stone cleaning companies are also experienced in restoring older tile work that may have seen better days. They can not only clean the old tile and grout sufficiently but also restore it to like-new condition using professional grade products designed specifically to de-color and remove stains from old grout. These professionals will have your tile flooring and walls looking like new again in no time.

Only The Safest Materials Are Used

Aside from using cleaning solutions that won’t harm your tile or grout, professional cleaning companies will also ensure they use chemicals and solutions that are not harmful to people. Many times, when trying to DIY clean tile surfaces, homeowners will mix several chemicals together that aren’t intended to be used together or on those types of surfaces. This not only damages the tile and grout but can prove to be a very harmful hazard to people or animals. Especially when acids or bleach are involved.

You can trust the professionals to use chemical solutions that are safe for you and your family as well as the surface. They will use proprietary products made specifically to treat tile and grout without hazardous chemicals and harsh acids that can damage your surfaces and your health.

Less Time & Hassle

One of the top reasons to hire a professional tile and grout cleaning company is because of the simple fact of convenience. Tile and grout cleaning is hard work and requires experience and heavy-duty solutions. Trust the experts who specialize in this type of work to thoroughly, professionally, and quickly clean your surfaces. Leaving them dirt and grime free, protected, and looking great all while you go on about your normal day.

Professional tile cleaning services will also save you the hassle of possibly having to deal with expensive and time-consuming tile replacement or restoration work after trying to clean the surface yourself and damaging the grout or tile itself.


The proper cleaning and maintenance of tile and grout require professional experience as well as equipment and cleaning solutions. Many of these professional-grade cleaning solutions or pieces of equipment are unavailable to the average homeowner. Some DIY approaches can do more harm than good to the surfaces and prove to be a tough waste of time and ineffective in cleaning. Aside from saving you tiring work, leaving it to the professionals will help maintain the life and appearance of your tile for a long time to come.

Fabric & Tile Masters is the leading expert in professional tile and grout cleaning in the Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, and surrounding areas. We also offer tile and stone restoration and repair services as well. Contact us today to get started on your next project and leave the work to the professionals. Enabling you to enjoy your home’s surfaces for years to come.

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