Badly Worn Travertine Floors Refinished to Pristine Condition and Customer is Delighted Beyond Belief

Customers need travertine floors refinished when they move into homes sometimes and don’t even know how beautiful they can be. There are a variety of reasons these natural stone floors look bad:

  • Quick and unskilled application of topical sealers to homes in a frustrated attempt to make a floor look good to sell.
  • Topical sealer applied by the original installer when the floor is new that has yellowed, scratched and  is chipping off.
  • Neglect by the former owners that led to unfilled holes, stained and dirty grout, and loss of whatever sheen was there at one time.

The nice look these floors once had is long gone. A flooring professional is needed that can remedy all these flaws by using a combination of mechanical abrasive grit progression, colored epoxy fillers, heated water applied under pressure and at the end of the job the appropriate sealer.

The travertine restoration pictured in our video includes before and after pictures of:

  • Much needed fill replacement. We removed several old filled holes that were filled with the wrong color epoxy. There were also many holes that were unfilled we filled and sanded flat.
  • The grout was so dirty there were several part that looked like the grout had disappeared. We replaced several yards of grout. The grout was scrubbed and cleaned with the heated water system.
  • The tiles had to have a layers removed to attain a pristine uniform finish.
  • After the above procedures we applied a water based impregnating sealer.

At the end of the job the customer expressed delight that the floor was refinished to perfection and looked like aa newly installed floor. She lives in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida, a community where we have many references.

Here are a few of the before and after pictures of our work:

This is a before picture of the customers kitchen floor. As you can se it is badly abraded by foot traffic and has a built up residue of old sealers and inappropriate cleaning chemicals.

This is a picture after Fabric and Tile Masters has worked their magic.

As you can see the color has returned to the floor, the holes have been filled and we have delivered travertine floors refinished in a pristine condition.

Here is another before picture of the dining area.

This is a clear example of a floor in desperate need of repair.


After travertine floors refinished by Fabric and Tile Masters. The difference is so dramatic it does in fact look like a new floor.



This is a short video of the work as well as some before an after pictures.

We thank this customer for the nice comments and think they show pretty well what we are talking about when we describe our process of travertine floors refinished to pristine condition.


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