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Marble Restoration in Jacksonville Historic Courthouse

Jacksonville Historic Marble Restoration This is a historic marble restoration project we completed a few years ago. The courthouse was built in the early 1900’s and has a beautiful marble floor and wall cladding that had never been refinished. The stone was first cut with resin bond diamonds at 120 grit then we used 120 […]

Jacksonville Marble Counter Polishing

            Jacksonville Marble Counter Polishing is a specialty of Fabric and Tile Masters. We are able to refinish marble surfaces to a like new, factory finish that will be very much like installing a new counter. Low pH chemical etching, scratches and stains are able to be removed. We refinish […]

Marble Grinding Jacksonville

 Marble Grinding Jacksonville When does grinding a stone floor become necessary? We title this article marble polish grinding because this process includes the use of polishing and grinding diamonds to achieve a flat floor. The first reason a stone floor would  need to be ground flat is when a floor has been recently installed, and […]

Marble Polishing Jacksonville

Marble Polishing Jacksonville   Marble polishing is the process whereby marble is taken through a grit honing progression (typically this may be 120, 220, 400, 800 grit) until the stone develops clarity and depth of color. At this point the marble polishing is completed using one of a variety of marble polishing compounds. The tiles, […]

Marble Polishing After 400g Honing Cut

This is a video, produced by Sally Edenfield, in which she shows a honing grit progression on a 12×12 from 100-400g. The marble is Breccia Oniciata. Production values were low due primarily to director shortcuts. These dry diamonds are unique in that they only work on stone other than true geological marble. If you are […]

Marble Polishing Jacksonville FL

Premier Marble Polishing Services in Jacksonville, FL Marble polishing is what we do, and if you would like to know more about how we do it, that part of the article is found below under Technical Basics of Marble Polishing. To begin an article about marble polishing would more importantly begin with why we choose […]