Marble Polishing Jacksonville

Marble Polishing Jacksonville


Marble polishing is the process whereby marble is taken through a grit honing progression (typically this may be 120, 220, 400, 800 grit) until the stone develops clarity and depth of color. At this point the marble polishing is completed using one of a variety of marble polishing compounds. The tiles, counters or walls are now polished.

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How deep or low the operator goes in the first honing cut depends on what the operator is trying to accomplish. Are there deep scratches? Is there low pH acid etching? Is the beautiful polish finish dull and cloudy? This is information the operator will base the grit progression strategy on.

 Marble Polishing or honed finish?

Marble Polish or honed. The marble polish finish is a beautiful alternative to every other flooring choice, but it comes with a list of factors the consumer needs to address, if possible, before the purchase. Many times we meet folks that have purchased a house with a polished finish marble, and they have no idea what it takes to restore or care for the floor. If they become sick of the polish finish and the floor is flat enough, the floor can be converted to a honed finish.

Most of the polish finish floors we restore have lost the glossy, reflective appearance, Customers want the floor to look like it did when it was new.  This dull look can only be restored by using the diamond tools we show below.  We remove the scratches that keeps the light from being reflected, that produces the glossy polished look. Polish finish stone will require careful attention to remain glossy looking. Low pH cleaners and abrasive shoe traffic overtime can dull a restored finish.

Marble Polishing

Hone finish tiles are a matte finish and are typically delivered to the distributor at a 180 – 220 grit. This grit level offers a sheen that reflects light. You can tell there is a window from the reflection. Conversely,  you can see the leaves outside that same window with a marble polish finish. Honed  finish is perfect for a family that desires a more carefree experience. Combined with a contrasting polish finish counter top, looks very nice. There are several grit levels the contractor can provide.

The point of this article is that Fabric and Tile Masters is able to gather the necessary information, and formulate a strategy that will reach the customer objective of a marble polishing or a marble honing.

1 1/2, 2 1/2 & 4 horsepower diamond grinders

 Marble polishing requires the right tools

With these wet diamond grinders we are able to accomplish any finish you may desire on any size installation. We routinely use these tools to hone or polish any type of marble or granite. Each machine has its own unique application. We sometimes use them on the same refinishing job with each operator making his pass. The two machines on the left are Klindex. The klindex tools are without peer as far as the quality of construction and durability. This is important to the customer because there is really never down time.

We like to let you know these are wet grinders and there will be no dust whatever. Many customers are reluctant to refinish stone because they think that we dry sand them.

This is the Klindex Kroma with the honing brushes attached. We will usually cut the stone with the diamond disks pads first and then use the brushes or a honing powder to achieve a beautiful honed finish.

Klindex Kroma with honing brushes attached

These are the diamond marble polishing discs I have been mentioning since the first paragraph. The disk are attached using velcro to the plugs you see in the planetary attachment.  The metal disk are used to remove the uneven edges that are present on some floors.

Diamond disks along with planaterio

Makita 9227c along with some 3″ diamond pads for counter top refinishing

I have mentioned counter tops, and these are the diamonds we use to refinish them. We also use these to refinish vertical surfaces, mostly in stone showers. In these showers we do repairs like regrouting and recaulking. For marble polishing think of
Fabric and Tile Masters.

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Here is a short video of a recent marble polishing project.

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