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Jacksonville Marble Counter Polishing is a specialty of Fabric and Tile Masters. We are able to refinish marble surfaces to a like new, factory finish that will be very much like installing a new counter. Low pH chemical etching, scratches and stains are able to be removed. We refinish the counters without removing them. A few of the tools we use to do the refinishing are pictured below. We have several sets of diamonds for special situations. These is no counter, wall or tub surround we can not refinish.

The Makita 9227c is the gold standard for stone counter top restoration. It is a variable speed right angle grinder that can be outfitted with a variety of backers. We use 3, 5 and 7″ backers fitted with sandpaper, dry and wet diamonds as well as various polishing and buffing pads.

Stone counter repairs are one of the most difficult jobs a contractor faces. The reason granite and marble polishing becomes necessary is typically due to scratching and etching. The stone will be taken through a grit progression.  Following this progression the stone will be honed or polished. The makita’s variable speed enables the operator to use different pads to achieve these finishes. We mask all the surrounding areas and clean the area completly after we are finished.

We also refinish granite counters that are typically found in kitchens. These counters become dull over time and we are able to polish them to a like new condition. Granite is not as delicate as marble. We are also able to remove mineral deposits from granite that you typically see around sink fixtures.

Jacksonville Marble Counter Polishing is something we do every day. We give free estimates and are happy to give you our thoughts on what will be required to return your marble to a like new finish.


White Italian marble badly in need of refinishing.


Roho Alancate coffee table made to look better than the factory finish.



Various counter tops being refinished.

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