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Grout Cleaning Jacksonville

Grout Cleaning is necessary when the tile and grout becomes soiled. Grout Cleaning is provided by a number of companies all with a unique set of chemicals, equipment and experience. Grout cleaning for Fabric and Tile Masters is a skill we excel at. As you look at the short videos below, it will become obvious […]

Tile and Grout Cleaning Ponte Vedra

Let us show you why Ponte Vedra homeowners rely on Fabric and Tile Masters to handle their tough tile and grout stains. Fabric and Tile Masters is located in Atlantic Beach Florida. Most of the Grout Cleaning we do extends from there, south to Ponte Vedra. We are grout cleaning in this area every day. Our […]

Grout repair Jacksonville

Grout Repair Jacksonville We perform Grout repair every day. Most of our grout repair jobs are natural stone or ceramic tile showers. Over time grout and caulk, if installed incorrectly can shrink back and allow water to reach the areas that can destroy the shower. We tell customers on occasion that the shower is a […]

Tile and Grout Colorseal Jacksonville FL

  These are before and after pics of the Suntrust Bank. The colorsealing was ordered to cover the stained grout from an exploded dye pack. There was a red residue that stained the grout, and the colorsealer covered it perfectly. The pictures on top of of the unsealed tiles. These tiles appear to be still […]

Grout Sealing Jacksonville FL

We use grout sealing on two occasions: after we finish cleaning a tile floor, and after a new floor is installed. This is the important final step that provides the following: a level of oil and water repelency. If you spill some mustard on the tile, and you stop what you are doing and wipe it […]

Grout Color Sealing Jacksonville

Grout color sealing is a process in which the grout is coated with a colored sealer. Optimally, when this sealer is applied, the grout is no longer porous. It is coated with a sealer that has dimension, is topical in nature and accomplishes two primary goals: 1- it allows the owner to have the color […]

Grout Repair Atlantic Beach FL

Tile on walls and floors sometimes lose grout. We see installations that are many years old that never have lost any grout – and ones done last year that need attention. Installations or construction issues combined with settling are the cause. Our Fabricmasters grout repair experts recently saw a home built in the 1950s and […]