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Grout Cleaning is necessary when the tile and grout becomes soiled. Grout Cleaning is provided by a number of companies all with a unique set of chemicals, equipment and experience. Grout cleaning for Fabric and Tile Masters is a skill we excel at. As you look at the short videos below, it will become obvious to you that we know exactly what we are doing. Make no mistake, these grout cleaning results are not easy to achieve. We have done so much grout cleaning that it is like second nature to us. Most tile cleaners can not return the grout to a like new condition. We are able to in most every case.


If you look through the rest of this blog or at our mainsite, you will see a lot of videos, articles and pictures of the skills we have. These are all of our crews and all these post were written by me. Fabric and Tile Masters is deeply committed to providing grout cleaning that is unavailable at any price. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few good companies that provide grout cleaning, but none like ours. Your eyes won’t fool you. Just look at the grout cleaning in these videos.


The secret for me is really no secret at all. I developed processes that are so over engineered that failure or disappointment is never a possibility. We are A+ rated by the Better Business of North Florida. We have never had a complaint.  We also have an extensive list of grout cleaning references from tile show rooms and distributors, as well as retail customers.


Our pricing for grout cleaning is an amazing value.  We are actually lower priced than many of the companies that you see on these pages.  We offer free grout cleaning estimates. Below are the videos. They are amateur but you can’t miss the quality.


A view of a single jet grout cleaning tool. This tool uses a single jet to put a maximum pressure for grout cleaning. We use another tool below that has two high pressure tips mounted on a spinning head that covers a wider grout cleaning area. The single jet grout cleaning tool pictured here is a used to remove a misapplied sealer.  The sealer was a topical one that should never have been applied in this situation.


A grout cleaning project



After grout cleaning we seal the grout.



There are a several situations we encounter that can effect the final outcome of the

grout cleaning process.


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