Grout repair Jacksonville

Grout Repair Jacksonville

We perform Grout repair every day. Most of our grout repair jobs are natural stone or ceramic tile showers. Over time grout and caulk, if installed incorrectly can shrink back and allow water to reach the areas that can destroy the shower. We tell customers on occasion that the shower is a total loss and needs to be replaced. There are some excellent tile contractors we recommend that can install new when necessary.

The caulk and grout repair color selection is always the responsibility of the customer. We under no circumstance will select colors.

A word about caulk is necessary when discussing Grout repair. Vertical surfaces and floors have to have grout between the tiles. The corners and edges however, especially in showers, have to be caulked. Caulk has latex as an ingredient that allows it to remain stable, and not shrink.


Years ago we referred our grout repair work to handy men. They would routinely use a razor knife to score the grout, after which they would skim a coat of fresh grout. This skimmed grout was destined to fall out rather quickly.

We looked a long time for the right tool for grout removal. The Fein Multimaster is a truly unique tool. The diamond or carbide blade oscillates. The user is able to work with confidence that the removal will be deep enough so that the grout repair will not disappear over night. The oscillating blade will not scratch the tile and will not cut the operator.

The Multimaster blades come in a variety of thicknesses that can be used for the corresponding grout repair width. This grout repair tool is the key to excellent grout repairs.

The following is a video of how we suggest using the Fein Multimaster along with  a Coach back pack vacuum cleaner.



Shower after grout repair:




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