Grout Color Sealing Jacksonville

Grout color sealing is a process in which the grout is coated with a colored sealer. Optimally, when this sealer is applied, the grout is no longer porous. It is coated with a sealer that has dimension, is topical in nature and accomplishes two primary goals: 1- it allows the owner to have the color grout they wish to have 2- it forms a near impenetrable barrier to staining.The way we accomplish the colorsealer application:

  1. Clean the tile completely with a truck mounted steam cleaner. If the tile is not completely cleaned, the grout color sealing may not stay in place
  2. We then apply the grout color sealing with brushes to the grout joint. After the color sealer is applied we press the it into the grout joint, followed by wiping off the excess sealer.
  3. After this we buff excess sealer off, and the floor is ready to be used.

After grout color sealing application is completed the grout is sealed, and is no longer porous. When the tile is mopped, the grout mops just like the tile surface.

The first step in the grout color sealing  process is selecting the color. The grout color sealing  manufacturer goes by the color charts provided by the major grout manufacturing companies. These grout colors are then mixed custom. Generic colors in sample kits can help with your selection.

Grout color sealing occasionally develop loose product in some areas. These will need to be maintained in an ongoing basis. An after care plan is a good idea.


On Right: These are some detail before and after grout color sealing pictures of a bank we recently did. We cleaned the tile as best we could, but the need for grout color sealing was obvious.


For information on grout cleaning click here.

during cleaning

result of cleaning is not good

color seal detail

detail color seal

After color sealer applied

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