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Shower Repair Jacksonville, FL

Need Shower Tile Repairs in Jacksonville? Call Fabric & Tile Masters for Immediate Help! Fabric and Tile Masters offers the widest variety of shower cleaning, shower tile repair, and refinishing in North Florida. Our shower repair services includes: Removal and replacement of cracked and missing grout. We use special tools to remove the grout. Removal […]

Ponte Vedra Carpet Odor Removal

    When we try to isolate pet stains, some times it is difficult because they are invisible to the naked eye. Fabric & Tile Masters uses a welders black light to make the stain visible for treatment.       Below you can see the invisible stains exposed to the ultraviolet light. The nose […]

Carpet Cleaner Jacksonville

Carpet Cleaner Jacksonville This carpet cleaning tip is  unavailable to commercial floor owners. It can prolong any cleaning or restoration or newly installed floors beauty more than any other method. It is simple. It is free. And it makes sense. We clean carpet so we know how this works. The method quite simple and I […]

Fabric & Tile Masters Vacuum Prior to Professional Carpet Cleaning

Vacuum Prior to professional carpet cleaning Why does Fabric and Tile Masters  vacuum prior to professional carpet cleaning? If you have your carpet cleaned professionally, you will not have your carpet vacuumed unless you vacuum yourself. We vacuum every carpet before we clean it. The need for dry vacuuming is well documented and recognized in […]

Stone Products in Jacksonville FL

This is a copy of the file that mentions MB12 polishing powder will work after a 200 grit honing cut on most marbles. If you click on the image it will enlarge so you can see the highlighted text.    Stone Products in Jacksonville FL  

Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville

 Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville Any whole house of carpet cleaned $49.99… How does it work? Why would you call them? This is an article about bait &  switch carpet cleaning in Jacksonville.   Before I get into the details of bait & switch, let me make a rarely made point.  Consumers are responsible for bait and […]

Marble coating demonstration in Atlantic Beach FL

This video shows the application to two stone tiles. They are creama marfil and dark brown emprador. MB8 is a polymer coating applied to natural stone as a protective maintenance layer. This coating protects the stone, and provides a shiny finish. The suitability of this finish is without question. We are attempting here to test […]

Natural Stone: Top Ten Mistakes

These are a couple of examples of mistakes you can make when selecting a stone surface for floors, walls or counters. Cheap travertine — I list this first because it is such an unforeseen nightmare. Travertine is graded on the amount of fill present. If there is a lot of fill, large unsightly holes will […]