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Grout Color Sealing Jacksonville

Grout color sealing is a process in which the grout is coated with a colored sealer. Optimally, when this sealer is applied, the grout is no longer porous. It is coated with a sealer that has dimension, is topical in nature and accomplishes two primary goals: 1- it allows the owner to have the color […]

Stone Sealers Jacksonville FL

Stone sealers are necessary sometimes. This is the most definitive statement I can make about them. And the most important for the stone owner to remember. Consider the following: Some stone surfaces need no sealer. Using sealer actually will leave a residue that can’t be removed with out a fairly expensive procedure. Sealers exist to […]

Grout Haze Removal Jacksonville FL

How many people have grout haze on their tiles? A bunch, I can assure you. If you look across your floor and you see cloudy uneven residues that will not respond to household chemicals, you may have grout haze. During the grouting process, tiles have to be wiped free of grout residue before the grout […]

Grout Repair Atlantic Beach FL

Tile on walls and floors sometimes lose grout. We see installations that are many years old that never have lost any grout – and ones done last year that need attention. Installations or construction issues combined with settling are the cause. Our Fabricmasters grout repair experts recently saw a home built in the 1950s and […]

Jacksonville Tile and Grout Cleaning

This is an article about tile cleaning. It is mostly information for the do-it-your-selfer.  If you want to see the professional approach, please see the videos below. These videos are of our company cleaning with our equipment. These results are typical for us, but are sure not easy for the average cleaning company to achieve. […]

Grout Cleaner Jacksonville

Grout Cleaner Jacksonville   Cleaning tile is a tough chore for the “do it yourselfer”. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the subject of this article. If you have tried to clean dirty grout (most of the time we are paid to clean the grout, and the tiles are cleaned as a by product of this […]


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