Grout Cleaner Jacksonville

Grout Cleaner Jacksonville


Cleaning tile is a tough chore for the “do it yourselfer”. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the subject of this article. If you have tried to clean dirty grout (most of the time we are paid to clean the grout, and the tiles are cleaned as a by product of this effort) it is a time consuming and all but impossible job, if you don’t have the following advantages:

Cleaning grout requires the following steps:

#1- Application of an acid grout cleaner and agitation with a brush designed to penetrate into the grout joint. This application is allowed to dwell on the tile surface, followed by extraction with a high heat (250 degrees or better) The reason we use acid grout cleaner is to remove mineral deposits and old alkaline cleaners that have been mopped on over time. Some cleaners maintain this step is not important.

#2- Application of an alkaline grout cleaner and agitation with a brush designed to penetrate the grout joint. This grout cleaner is allowed to dwell and is then extracted with the same high heat. This alkaline grout cleaner is applied to remove oxidized oils that are the basis of most food stains.

Professional tile cleaning with high heat



These steps are essential and cannot be skipped if you want an excellent job.

Following this procedure, we recommend application of a water-based sealer. Solvent-based sealers are not recommended for grout on ceramic and porcelain tile. They are too sticky and hard to remove from the tile. The sealer is just for the grout. The tiles need to be dry completely before the sealer is applied (imagine trying to apply a water proofing to a wet material) to the tile.

Grout cleaner videos:


Single jet grout cleaner:




Grout cleaner with floor machine and spinner:



Grout Sealing after grout cleaning:


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