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Travertine Refinishing Ponte Vedra

Travertine refinishing in Western St Johns county. This clip shows how we can refinish an exterior travertine with a chiseled edge. This installation technique has become very popular in interiors as well. The best part of these videos and pictures is that there is no hiding the result. There is light from all angles.   […]

Black Slate Wall Refinishing

This black slate was installed in a slightly uneven manner and the installer used a grinding wheel to correct. To cover the resultant edge scratches he applied several coats of a topical sealer.   We sanded 120, 400, 2000 to get the beautiful hone finish.  

Slate Floor Refinishing Jacksonville

  Slate is a stone that is cleft cut. It has natural ridges that on some tiles can be a trip hazard if they are too deep.   The slate restorations we are asked to complete typically involve a foyer.  Some of these floors were installed decades ago. The sealers used back then were mostly […]

Travertine Cleaning Jacksonville FL

Travertine Cleaning  Jacksonville FL   Travertine is a natural stone that is formed near calcium rich springs. Hot springs are especially a source of travertine.  It is by far the most frequently encountered natural stone flooring material we see. Travertine cleaning is a process where we use a degreaser to clean the tiles as well […]

Stone Products in Jacksonville FL

This is a copy of the file that mentions MB12 polishing powder will work after a 200 grit honing cut on most marbles. If you click on the image it will enlarge so you can see the highlighted text.    Stone Products in Jacksonville FL  

Grout Cleaner Jacksonville

Grout Cleaner Jacksonville   Cleaning tile is a tough chore for the “do it yourselfer”. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the subject of this article. If you have tried to clean dirty grout (most of the time we are paid to clean the grout, and the tiles are cleaned as a by product of this […]


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