Travertine Refinishing Ponte Vedra

Travertine refinishing in Western St Johns county. This clip shows how we can refinish an exterior travertine with a chiseled edge. This installation technique has become very popular in interiors as well.

The best part of these videos and pictures is that there is no hiding the result. There is light from all angles.





This is a honed finish tile that has a chiseled edge. There was a heavy topical sealer applied att the time of the installation. This sealer flaked off and became unsightly as is often the case. We removed the sealer and honed it to a beautiful honed finish.


The photo below shows the tiles beginning to release the sealer as we apply a stripper and a honing powder.  You can click on these pictures to make them larger. Travertine Refinishing Ponte Vedra is a process where we apply these principles the stone.

If you click on the pictures you can really se the old sealer laying on the top of the tiles. The sealer has clearly gone bad and needs to be removed. As we moved through the diamond abrasive progression we developed a finish that did not rely on the sealer to give a beautiful appearance.  The look comes purely from the stone, with no nonsense of applying some shortcut glossy sealer. This customer will enjoy the floor for many years to come, and will be confidant there is no seal that will start to look horrible within  a few years.

Fabric and Masters has an extensive list of references in Ponte Vedra and the Jacksonville Beaches.


You really have to click on the photo to enlarge so you can see the details.


Removal of old sealer included scraping with razor blades.
Stripping the old sealer.
This is the before picture. Notice the splotchy original topical sealer.
Finished product
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