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Upholstery Cleaning – Questions Jacksonville FL

Upholstery cleaning requires a unique skill set. Cleaning techs need to be familiar with a range of fabrics that can either make the cleaning job easy or difficult. The other day at a job I saw some new crewel fabric samples. I didn’t even think they made the stuff any more. My point here is […]

Stone Products in Jacksonville FL

This is a copy of the file that mentions MB12 polishing powder will work after a 200 grit honing cut on most marbles. If you click on the image it will enlarge so you can see the highlighted text.    Stone Products in Jacksonville FL  

Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville

Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville Carpet cleaning  requires a professional cleaner be able to clean the whitest, snow white carpets to a like new condition. I can’t really remember when the change came (consumer rejection of carpet with colors like green, blue or mauve) to white, off white and beige, but it happened long enough ago that […]

Stone Sealers Jacksonville FL

Stone sealers are necessary sometimes. This is the most definitive statement I can make about them. And the most important for the stone owner to remember. Consider the following: Some stone surfaces need no sealer. Using sealer actually will leave a residue that can’t be removed with out a fairly expensive procedure. Sealers exist to […]

Grout Haze Removal Jacksonville FL

How many people have grout haze on their tiles? A bunch, I can assure you. If you look across your floor and you see cloudy uneven residues that will not respond to household chemicals, you may have grout haze. During the grouting process, tiles have to be wiped free of grout residue before the grout […]

Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning

Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning: Complete dry vacuuming of the carpet to remove as much dry soil as possible. Like the oriental rug plant that uses a beater to remove sand, the carpet should be vacuumed with a beater bar vacuum that has two motors: one for the beater and one for the vacuum. […]

Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning Methods

 Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning Methods   Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning Methods require a cleaner to do an outstanding job, because in Jacksonville, there are several options available that will produce a variety of results. The variety is based on the variations of the different methods of cleaning on the market. The carpet cleaning industry’s central certification body, […]


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