Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning

Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning

Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning:

  1. Complete dry vacuuming of the carpet to remove as much dry soil as possible. Like the oriental rug plant that uses a beater to remove sand, the carpet should be vacuumed with a beater bar vacuum that has two motors: one for the beater and one for the vacuum.
  2. Chemical application to suspend water based soils. Most carpet soiling (dried cola) becomes an oxidized acid. This sticky mess is disengaged from the carpet fibers by adding an alkaline detergent.
  3. Agitation of the applied chemical. The carpet must be agitated to apply the cleaning solution to all the fibers.
  4. Dwell time for the chemicals. The chemical reaction is enhanced if the chemical is allowed to remain on the carpet long enough for the soil to become suspended.
  5. Heat. Heated solutions work better.

An excellent cleaning company will of course pre-vacuum the carpet. They will also find a way to apply the proper solution with a tool that will gently agitate the fibers. They will then allow the chemical to stand long enough for the maximum cleaning to take place. They will then extract using super high heat.

There will be the occasional solvent soluble spot that will need to be cleaned with a solvent spotter. Remember that most carpet soil is water-soluble. Some stains (lipstick, ink, grease) will require the use of a solvent spotter. Solvent spotters are applied during the cleaning process.

The thing to be most careful about is the company that tells you that these essentials are not necessary. It is so easy for them to say you don’t need certain steps, like vacuuming, to clean a carpet effectively. Trust referrals from friends and neighbors or call us at Fabric and Tile Masters for a free estimate. You will not regret it.

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