Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville

Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville

Carpet cleaning  requires a professional cleaner be able to clean the whitest, snow white carpets to a like new condition.

I can’t really remember when the change came (consumer rejection of carpet with colors like green, blue or mauve) to white, off white and beige, but it happened long enough ago that there are very few homes with colored carpet.  I have always suspected the reason for favoring neutral tones was that the homeowner could more easily market the house if they had a reason to move. That reason combined with the emergence of “stain resist” wear warranties made white and off white ideal selections. We all know the stain resist warranties work exactly as they were intended, but the problem is the consumer thought stain resistant meant soil resistant. As far as we know there is no soil resistant carpet.

Another factor adding to this carpet cleaning  nightmare is the design selection of tile in a substantial portion of many homes as well. Since a large segment of the population don’t remove their shoes at the doorway, the heavy traffic areas formerly found at the entryway have now been moved to the entryway of each bedroom. People are staying home more now to home office or because of retirement. Combine these with the economy of the last couple of years, where carpetl cleaning is often put off far past the point where it is required, and you have a perfect storm set of challenges for the carpet cleaning.

These challenges include:

  1. Trying to remove the visible soiling in walk areas, especially the “U” from the master bedroom door to the master bath (which is tile of course).
  2. The desire not to completely strip out the stain resistant feature built into the carpet. Although the stain resist has warranty requirements that are voided after not having the carpet professionally cleaned every 12 months, it seems wrong to just go to a high pH chemical right off the bat that would remove it.

We are a small company and have the luxury of taking the time to pile lift the carpet, apply safe pH cleaner with a Cimex and then extract with a truck mounted cleaning machine. This procedure has always yielded fantastic results, but it is getting tougher. We have used a Chemspec formula 161 (pH 9 and wool safe) for years and it has provided a good solution. We also meter a neutral pH extraction detergent.

We encourage or homeowners to get rid of the shoes, get more mats, and vacuum like crazy as alternative solutions if they have to put off cleaning. We also tell them it needs to be done more frequently. At some point we are going to ask if they want the carpet clean (with a high pH chemical), or if they want the stain resist component preserved. So if you need clean white carpet, call Fabric and Tile Masters.

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