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Upholstery Cleaning Jacksonville FL

Our upholstery cleaning system is based on one overarching concern: clean it deeply and get it dry fast. We accomplish this is a couple of ways. Click here for examples of our work. Restoration by Fabric & Tile Master’s dry vacuums the furniture to remove dry soil. Just like we do when we clean carpet. […]

Drapery Cleaning Jacksonville FL

Why would anyone ever clean draperies as they hang in your house? A better question might be: why would you ever send them out to a dry cleaner? In all my years as a cleaner rehanging drapers that have been dry cleaned, I have never seen a single time when they were cleaned in a […]

Odor Removal Jacksonville FL

We are your local expert in odor removal. Many companies sell bogus odor “masks” that are metered through their cleaning solution or sprayed on after the carpet has been cleaned. If the odor is in the carpet face, and it is cleaned using the procedures outlined on the carpet cleaning section of this website, the […]


Welcome to Fabric & Tile Masters, check back for news and posts. This blog is a resource for customers, friends in the business, and anyone generally interested in fabrics such as draperies, carpeting and upholstery — How to clean them, and what to expect from a cleaning process. We also mention tile and grout here […]