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We are your local expert in odor removal. Many companies sell bogus odor “masks” that are metered through their cleaning solution or sprayed on after the carpet has been cleaned. If the odor is in the carpet face, and it is cleaned using the procedures outlined on the carpet cleaning section of this website, the odor can be removed with cleaning.

If the odor is in the backing, cushion and sub floor you have quite a different problem. We can restore to the sub floor if necessary including concrete sealing and plywood under layment replacement.

If you have problems with pet odors, Fabric Masters uses a special UV light source to detect the exact sources, and then applies the right solutions to remove them.

This photo of a pet stained carpet was taken using the UV light. The light spots are the pet urine that have become visible. The line going through the picture is the frame of the UV light.

Smoke odor removal from upholstery, draperies, carpeting and hard surfaces requires a special combination of detergents and solvents. We have processed hundreds of smoke damaged structures both from fire and nicotine.

Fabric Masters is happy to provide you with a free estimate and strategy to eliminate these and other difficult odor sources.


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