What You Need To Know About Marble Polishing Jacksonville

 Marble Polishing

Why is it necessary

Marble polishing becomes necessary for several reasons:

  • the surface of the stone has become worn and does not have the appearance of the tiles when they were delivered and installed
  • the stone is installed in an uneven fashion, that is not acceptable.
  • the customer decides the present honed (matte) finish should be converted to a polish finish
  • marble polishing is also necessary as part of a planned maintenance program
These factors (with the exception of simply wanting to convert from a honed to a polished finish) all deal with the issue of wear.
Marble wear/damage:
Stone wear/damage includes environmental wear the stone is exposed to. This can be from the surface, or from the substrate. The primary cause of ware is foot traffic, just like it is on any floor surface. The stone surface will become scratched and micro abraded and over time, the light reflected across the surface will not appear to be as glossy as it was before such abrasion.
Honed finish to polish finish marble

This was a new floor the owners wanted changed to a polish finish.

There are also the effects of low pH chemicals spilled by accident, applied by mistake to clean the surface or from containers with low pH liquids. Marble and any other calcite based stone can be etched with event the mildest low pH (acid) liquid. In this picture the stone was etched uniformly by a carpet cleaner that mistakenly used an acid to clean a marble.

Acid etched by carpet cleaner.

Here are the after pictures of the marble polishing shown above. Both surfaces are of the mable Crema Marfil.
Here is the foyer after we polished it back to a new finish:

Polished marble foyer to repair damage by accidental acid etching shown above.

Here is an after picture of the marble floor shown above that we converted from a honed finish to a polish finish:

Crema Marfil floor shown above that was converted to this high gloss polished finish

Our Marble Polishing Customers Are Looking For Answers


 Marble Polishing customers want information more than anything else in the early going to evaluate exactly the best course of action. The reason they need this information is the stone business is so much different than buying a roof or an air conditioning system. The stone floor contractor has many tools t his disposal to refinish the stone, but in our field some companies are definitely better than others. We recommend using references. Our costumers are glad to speak up for us. Fabric and Tile Masters has so many satisfied customers we can provide a reference within a mile of your house.

Why Fabric and Tile Masters?

Our marble polishing system is second to none. Here are the reasons:

  • We use Klindex diamond tooling to refinish the stone. Klindex equipment is without peer.
  • We use the best diamond, powders, pads, polishes, compounds available with no regard for cost.
  • We take the diamond honing process to a higher grit level. Some competitors we see have a far lower stopping point than we do. In other words for the same money we take a surface from to a 1500 grit (the reflection of the lady above was taken to 4500) where they might only go to a 400 grit.
  • We care about your happiness and are confident we will please you. We require no contracts or deposits. Over the years this policy has served us very well.
  • We have a firm pricing policy. Since we are referred so often we never gouge a customer. 

How marble polishing works:

In the videos below we are processing marble polishing jobs. The way I will show you how it is done is to show you as though I were training you to polish marble. The first videos are of some marble countertop work. Most tradesmen come into marble polishing from the tile instillation field. They know floors but counters are another thing. If I were teaching you to refinish stone the best way to learn to polish would be to work with your hands like a sculpturer starting with a grit low enough to remove damage, and proceeding through a grit progression to higher and higher levels. Here are a couple of videos of counters where we do just that:



The following video is of a marble coffee table that turned out just beautifully:



Just like we use the Makita and the Festool in these videos, we use the klindex diamond grinders in the videos below. The first picture in this video is of the 4 horse power Klindex Levitator 650. This was a large commercial job. 



Here is a beautiful step by step video of a wonderful Carrara marble polishing. We show in this video how the damage is removed and how we are able to match a factory polish finish.  



So if you need an expert opinion on your stone refinishing needs, by all means call us at 904-221-9550.







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