Jacksonville Water Damage Restoration

Many years ago water damage restoration of interior building structures was really primitive compared to how it is done today. In the old days the technician pulled pad or didn’t, installed as much drying equipment as he though was necessary and handled each damage the same way. Standards had not been developed to specify what should be done in every situation.

To say an industry has come a long way is an understatement. After years of careful analysis, today’s drying solutions are based on objective factors like: building size, type and amount of moisture present and materials involved. Precise instruments are used to measure the drying progress so that the technician is sure all moisture has been removed. There are a variety of equipment and solutions available to the contractor to remove water.

When you are evaluating a water damage professional sometimes it is better to look for a person that has the following: 1- certification and training from an independent body like the IICRC. These individuals have been exposed to the basic and in some cases advanced methods of structural drying. 2- the correct type and limits of liability insurance. Many companies doing this work are not insured for claims that arise as a result of improper drying.

The company you choose should also be able to offer excellent references for this type of work. People hate to go through a disaster, but if they have worked with a committed, caring professional; the experience is not nearly as frustrating.

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