Travertine Restoration Ponte Vedra

Travertine Restoration Ponte Vedra

The travertine in this situation had developed holes as it is want to do. The nice lady hires a handyman to fill the holes. He gets some epoxy grout (we could smell the epoxy as we carved it out with 3″ blades)  and skimmed the holes and tiles as well. I guess the guy heard you could fill them with epoxy and had heard of epoxy grout, and walla, he had a bright idea. The floor was a mess, and I tried to sand it off, but there was no way. One guy had way better progress with a razor, so the four of us scraped for three hours to get it off.



After we finished we went over it with a 400 grit  and there was no gloss at all. We  were over budget at this point, so I was stuck on how to bring this up a bit. I had bought some mb 22 a year or so back and it did not work so well on a black marble I was doing. Stu mentioned if I would use a tiny amount, it might give the desired sheen. Here we are, all sheened up, and I am a believer in the mb 22. No mess, easy to use. Way more of a no brainer than mb 12. Just stay on the small drop you are working long enough and you will not be disappointed. Also, since I am getting old and weak, I did not miss the torque inherent in mb12. Thanks again Stu.


Grout Cleaning in bathrooms and showers.

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