Travertine Cleaning Ponte Vedra

Before Marsh Landing – Travertine looks too flat.




After we polished to a higher finish. Marsh Landing.


Travertine in Plantation Ponte Vedra.

After tile polished


Travertine at a honed finish in Turtle Shores.


After at Turtle Shores. Travertine polished to a glossy polished finish.


Slate restoration off San Juan. We removed and regrouted and refinished the slate.


After. 50 year old slate restored to a like new finish.


Before. In Epping Forrest. Not PVB but we thought you would like it.


After in Epping Forrest.



Travertine Cleaning Ponte Vedra


Fabric and Tile Masters is Travertine Cleaning Ponte Vedra. Below there are several pictures of various locations around Ponte Vedra Beach Florida. We are in Ponte Vedra almost every day and can stop by to give you an estimate with very little effort on our part. We live in Atlantic Beach, just north of Ponte Vedra. It is much easier for us than it is for companies from town. Or from out of town.

We have several customers that will vouch for our level of expertise and care we will deliver to your floor. Many companies we hear about offer referrals in other areas of town. We have hundreds of reference in Ponte Vedra.


Travertine Cleaning – How does it work.


Travertine is a very popular flooring material in Ponte Vedra. It is everywhere. When evaluating your travertine it becomes necessary to determine if the stone can be adequately fixed using cleaning techniques that we would use when cleaning ceramic or porcelain tiles. If we look at it with you and agree simply cleaning is the best way to handle it, we can clean it better than any company. We cleaned on the day before yesterday in Sawgrass. The lady will be glad to give us a reference. The reason our cleaning is better is that we use extremely high heat o clean the stone surface and grout. This is not available to most stone restoration contractors.


If however the tiles need to have abrasive refinishing used, we are capable of doing any of these procedures listed above. After all we did these jobs ourselves with great success.


The abrasives we use are either honing powders, resin bond diamonds or honing brushes. This process is all done using water and there is absolutely no dust.


These are the diamonds we use to refinish travertine.


The video below shows one of our travertine restoration processes using honing powder, chemical cleaning and sealer application. This is one of the many tools we use on a daily basis.




This is a video of an exterior travertine with a chiseled edge and commonly used fat sanded grout line. We see these on interior floors throughout North Florida.









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