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Fabric & Tile Masters is Tile Cleaning Ponte Vedra.

Here is a short but powerful video of our exclusive tile cleaning process. It goes to a page named tile cleaning Jacksonville, but we do far more – Tile Cleaning Ponte Vedra.


There are several components to our cleaning process that are essential:

  • The finest tile cleaning chemicals available. Very few companies clean tile with chemicals that can suspend the soil from the tile like ours.
  • Extremely hot water, heated to over 250 degrees. The cleaning potential of the great chemicals is doubled every 10 degrees over 200.
  • High pressure. In this video the tile was cleaned using 1200 psi heated water to completely remove grit, soil, and cleaning chemical buildup.

This tile is located in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida. We work throughout Northern St. Johns county to bring you the finest cleaning and refinishing services. Our company, Fabric and Tile Masters, has hundreds of customers in this area that will give us a high recommendation. We can provide such references within one mile of another customer. sometimes we can actually provide a closer reference as we have so many.



Tile Cleaning done better.

Tile cleaning is just one of our services that are engineered to give the customer an experience that is a bargain based on so many factors. Our service is able to often return the tile and especially the grout to  like new appearance. Our competitors clean grout using water that is not very hot, low pressure and chemicals that are sometimes not suitable.

After we clean the tile we usually seal the grout. Sealing the grout makes it easier to remove strains as well as making the grout easier to clean the next cleaning cycle.  We apply the sealer using a special tool that floods the grout joint without getting sealer on the tile itself. Sealers can be a source of staining on tile if they are applied to areas other than the  grout.

Tile Cleaning in bathrooms and showers.


Here is  a video of our single tile cleaning process



After the tile cleaning we apply a sealer to the grout


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