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Travertine Cleaning Jacksonville

Travertine Cleaning Jacksonville   Our company, Fabric and Tile Masters is called very often about Travertine Cleaning Jacksonville. Travertine, because of it’s characteristic busy pattern can go for many months past the point when it needs attention. Customers will describe the travertine as not looking as nice as it used to. “It has lost its […]

Travertine Cleaning Jacksonville FL

Travertine Cleaning  Jacksonville FL   Travertine is a natural stone that is formed near calcium rich springs. Hot springs are especially a source of travertine.  It is by far the most frequently encountered natural stone flooring material we see. Travertine cleaning is a process where we use a degreaser to clean the tiles as well […]

Travertine Patch Jacksonville FL

The Travertine Patch is a mortar-based fill that can be applied to holes in tiles where it becomes loose or missing over time. This product and procedure is targeted to the do-it-yourselfer that own travertine and are missing fill that needs replacement. When we refinish travertine, I use abrasive disks or honing powder to remove […]