stone floor refinishing jacksonville

Stone Refinishing Jacksonville

Stone Refinishing can return a floor to its natural look  by using abrasive honing powder or honing brushes. We typically follow this procedure with a sealer application. This article pertains to stone that is hone finish to begin with. If your stone is polish finish, quit reading now, unless you wish to have the floor […]

Stone Sealers Jacksonville FL

Stone sealers are necessary sometimes. This is the most definitive statement I can make about them. And the most important for the stone owner to remember. Consider the following: Some stone surfaces need no sealer. Using sealer actually will leave a residue that can’t be removed with out a fairly expensive procedure. Sealers exist to […]

Marble Floor and Counter Protection from Acid

This is the test of MB8 stone protector. The other video shows the application of the product. I want to say here that MB8 is a fantastic product and does not need to be able to resist low ph chemicals to be a great product.