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Commercial floor cleaning Jacksonville

 Commercial Floor Cleaning Jacksonville Commercial floor cleaning Jacksonville is a specialty of ours that includes the broadest product offering (at high quality) that is available today. Fabric and Tile Masters provides the following services to commercial floor owners in Jacksonville. Carpet cleaning Vinyl flooring (strip and refinish) Ceramic tile (cleaning and sealing) Rubber floors Wood […]

Jacksonville Cleaning Olefin Carpet

Jacksonville Cleaning Olefin Carpet Olefin is a popular material for manufactured carpet. Olefin is a synthetic fiber. It is made from petroleum byproducts. It is popular in broadloom carpet manufacture. Many homes have nylon in their bedrooms only to have an olefin in the family room. Jacksonville cleaning  olefin carpet requires certain ingredients that make […]

Stone Refinishing Jacksonville

Stone Refinishing can return a floor to its natural look  by using abrasive honing powder or honing brushes. We typically follow this procedure with a sealer application. This article pertains to stone that is hone finish to begin with. If your stone is polish finish, quit reading now, unless you wish to have the floor […]