St Augustine Marble Polishing


Recently Fabric and Tile Masters completed marble polishing walls and counters at a residence in St Augustine. The marble counters were added during a remodeling a few years ago, and we were invited to bid on refinishing these surfaces.  Marble polishing  to a like new or “factory” finish is a rare skill that requires experience and the proper tools to complete the work to a high level. 

Marble counters are subject to acid etching and scratches that are sometimes deep enough to change the over all finish from polish to a honed. The problem with this is that there will invariably be areas where there is some polish finish left and the whole surface looks uneven. 

The kitchen counters are shown before and after and reflect our ability in marble polishing a surface from a deeply etched and scratched surface back to a factory finish. The edge work was difficult as the marble counters were used as a cutting board and this caused deep gouges in several areas.


Here a photo of the surface after we hone to a 220 grit. At this point the counters were prepared to be taken to the higher girt levels and eventually polished back to a factory finish.


Honed to 220 grit


After the honing to 800 grit we polished the counters. This is a photo of part of the counter honed to the middle. Notice the different light reflection between the honed and the final polish finish.

1/2 honed 1/2 polished


The finish product.


Polished finish.



The master bath had a marble counter we refinished after the fixtures were removed.



The walls in the shower were deeply etched and covered with soap film. After a grit progression from 220 to 800 we polished the marble. Notice the reflection of the shower head.


Marble shower polished finish.


This is a video of marble polishing from start to finish.



Marble polishing is what we love to do the most. It is what we do the best.


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