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Granite Polishing

Granite polishing is perhaps the most demanding home repair that can be done on location. Granite slabs are delivered to distributors in either a honed or a polished finish. The fabricator will cut the granite to fit the template and modify the edge to customer specification, but will have no need to polish the slab.

These diamond disks (200,400,800) followed by a polishing compound yields the polish finish on the bottom. This 4″  slab of granite is an exterior monument and polished to a factory finish after using diamond pads.

Polishing granite counters is often done by hand using a right angle polisher and taking the stone through a grit progression like the one listed above. The key to polishing the homeowners granite is having the skill and confidence that is gathered from experience. There is absolutely no margin for error. If the contractor does not know how to process the job correctly, the job could be a disaster.

Reasons for granite polishing.

There are really only two reasons to put diamonds on the granite surface 1- the surface has a scratch that needs to be removed 2- the very rare incident of the stone being subject to low pH etching. There are very few acids that can etch granite. The biggest pitfall for granite owners is cooking oil. It is sometimes impossible to remove.  Be careful with cooking oil under all circumstances.

Many times the scratch or etch can be removed by isolating the spot. The operator must control the successive scratch pattern to be sure he has removed each successive grit scratch pattern.

There are several examples of our work on thisblog. We are glad to take a look at your granite. 90% of our work with granite counters is to polish the stone w/ no diamonds.

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