Shower Repair Ponte Vedra

Fabric and Tile Masters is your best source for Shower Repair Ponte Vedra. We undertake the hardest jobs including restoration of vertical stone surfaces. Granite, marble, limestone and slate are all shown in this blog post. We can also make your ceramic or porcelain tile look brand new. These videos and pictures do not lie. They are all of our people. Our images and videos are often lifted for other websites. We recommend if you are looking to get Shower Repair Ponte Vedra done, don’t trust your shower to out of town franchises, consolidators (like home advisor)  or 800#. We are located in at the beach and can give you an estimate at your convenience. Why dial an 800# when we are right here at the beach. Fabric and Tile Masters has several references that will confirm our expertise in Shower Repair Ponte Vedra.

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There is no company in North Florida that can a- do these repairs and b- clean the shower with a truck mounted cleaner. The cleaners do not do the repairs and the repair companies don’t do cleaning.  And neither one of these can refinish natural stone surfaces.

There are competitors that offer shower repair ponte vedra, but as far as showers go, there is really no company that offers the comprehensive solution that Fabric and Tile masters does. No company.

  • superheated steam to clean walls
  • caulk and grout removal using an oscillating bit
  • full grouting and caulking service
  • ceramic cleaned
  • stone refinished using wet and dry methods. we are the areas most highly recommended stone restoration company.
  • extensive tooling including dehumidifiers and air scrubbers that most companies that do this work have never used.

We have some videos of our work.  Along with some before and after pictures of shower repair ponte vedra.

This is a picture of a shower that had moisture penetration and had to be dried out before we could replace grout and caulk.



Below is a video of a bathroom that was in a really nice beachfront condo that was neglected by tenants. We polished the marble floors as well. This bathroom is far beyond the point a housekeeper could clean it. It is also beyond what a handyman could do with a tube of caulk. This is essentially a ceramic tile shower. We know the methods to save these showers. We have the correct chemicals and equipment. It is really no big deal for us.

The following is a video of a poorly installed slate shower. The installer did a nice job, but panicked at the last moment ad tried to lower the edges on the tile with a cup wheel. Cup wheels should never be sold to installers. The video shows us using the dustless method for refinishing. The walls were damaged by the installer with a cup wheel, as he attempted to make the walls flat. The slate had been discontinued and the owners were in a bind and thought it would never be made to look right.

This is the shower after the scratches and topical sealer were removed. The deep cup wheel marks were also removed with a sand less method.

Here is another stone shower refinishing. Included caulking and grouting. On the before and after these are best viewed if you click on the picture to enlarge. The floors and walls were honed, grouted and caulked.

In some of the videos you see the grout removal tool. The Fein Multimater. This is a video of removing grout and replacing it. This is not the way it is typically done. Most handymen simply skim over the grout and it all washes away in a few months.

So call us today for a free estimate at 221-9550. If we can’t help you with the shower we can recommend extremely well qualified companies.

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