Ponte Vedra Marble Polishing

Ponte Vedra Beach Florida is located just South of Jacksonville Beach and extends down state road A1A to South Ponte Vedra. Ponte Vedra is known for the TPC tournament, Ponte Vedra Country Club, miles of beautiful beaches and terrific executive communities, several of which are listed below.


Ponte Vedra marble polishing is what Fabric and Tile Masters does every day.  We are a small company that devotes more time to our customers than the competition. I write these post and show these examples of Fabric and Tile Masters work.  I will personally come to your house and give our my thoughts on your marble.  We will do a demonstration of marble polishing if requested.  To refinish your stone we will be  using the tools shown below. I will be there from start to finish.  These images below are examples of our work that we are very proud of.  We almost always complete a free estimate.

We have marble polishing references in the following communities

  • Marsh Landing
  • Sawgrass
  • Plantation Ponte Vedra
  • Fairfield
  • Sawmill Lake
  • Plantation Oaks
  • Ponte Vedra
  • Odoms Mill

We have references within a half mile of any home in Northern St Johns county. Many time we hear customers complain companies only have references in other areas far away from Ponte Vedra.  Fabric and Tile Masters has references from Atlantic Beach to South Ponte Vedra.

Marble Polishing in Sawgrass










Fabric and Tile Masters is expert in:

  • honing and sealing travertine that has become dull and yellowed
  • grind in place refinishing removing lippage and making the floor flat
  • refinishing to a polish finish the walls of stone showers
  • polishing granite counter tops that have lost their luster
  • polishing marble floors that have lost their beautiful glossy finish


Our unique process enables us to refinish stone of any type. We can provide a hone or polish finish, depending on the customers specifications. We have numerous customers in every area of Northern St Johns county. We are always near your home if you live in Ponte Vedra, working or doing estimates so it is very convenient for us to come to your home to look at your stone. we are happy to give you our thoughts, and if you wish to have us do the work we will provide you with a detailed estimate and description of the work. Ponte Vedra Marble Polishing provided by Fabric and Tile Masters is available to help with projects of any size.

We receive most of our work from referrals that come from satisfied customers and stone fabricators. We do such a good job we often get calls after we finish jobs mentioning we can use them for a reference. These references are available in any of the communities listed above.

Marble Polishing becomes necessary when the stone floor (or counter or shower wall) when tiny microscopic scratches cause the light that is normally reflected to be disbursed. When this happens the stone looks dull and worn. Old and faded yellowing sealers also give the stone and aged look. Additionally there are low pH chemicals that etch the stone surface resulting in what look like permanent water marks.  These environmental factors all contribute to the loos of the gloss polish finish that gave your home the striking look.

To reverse this process we will need to use abrasive disks to remove the factors listed above.

These are the diamonds we use to refinish travertine.


These diamonds are mounted on equipment we use that takes your stone through a grit progression (120,220,400,800,1500) are examples of the grit progression we use.

1 1/2, 2 1/2, and 4 horse power diamond grinders.

These are our wet diamond grinders. We never use them dry. There is no dust. These machines can handle any marble restoration. We like to show these machines off because there is a dramatic difference in their capabilities. We also use state of the art polishing and finishing compounds to develop the correct polish finish for you.


There are several examples of our marble polishing on the pages of this blog as well as the link below to our main website.



A short video of our marble polishing counters and floors. This video is mainly about counters, but has a floor and a shower wall we polished.If you wish to see floors only please look at the video below.



Polished finish.


Makita 9227c along with some 3″ diamond pads for counter top refinishing

These are the diamonds we use to refinish counters and walls. The angle grinder used above is the Makita 9227c. It is the industry standard for refinishing. Ponte Vedra Marble Polishing is the result of slowly proceeding through the different diamond pads until the stone shows depth of color and clarity. You are able to see this happening in the videos and pictures.


More Ponte Vedra marble polishing:



This is the before/ after of the above job. before on left Ponte Vedra Marble Polishing:

Marble Polishing Jacksonville

Before and After

same job:

Contrasting polished with not yet polished

In this job we are polishing using the 4 hp Klindex Levigator floor machine. If you click on the image you can see how the floor is developing a polish finish.

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I am the owner and founder of Fabric & Tile Masters and have decades of experience with all of the categories I write about. We refinish stone walls, counter and floors every day.

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