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Marble Polishing is what we do at Fabric and Tile Masters. Years ago we started our business cleaning high end carpeting, upholstery and draperies. The requirements to restore these items is difficult. Delicate fabrics, like silk can be ruined by improper cleaning methods. We still process these jobs for many local customers and interior designers. I mention how we got started because many times companies that may only polish marble (of course there are only very few of these due to the difficulty of generating sustained revenue in the stone business. Many install counters and flooring for example) point to the fact that we provide other service that Fabric and Tile Masters may not be as proficient as they are because that is in fact all they do. A well known interior designer told me once that we do a lot of thing extremely well.


The reason we got in to the marble polishing business is very different than the reason we are in it now. In 2006 we acquired the equipment necessary to properly clean tile. This included truck mounted heated equipment.Very soon after we got into the tile cleaning business we realized many of our customs also had stone counters, showers and flooring. When we decided to go into the marble polishing business after I attended a school in New Jersey taught by the great stone genius Maurizio Bertolli. Maurizio was a tremendous friend of our company and he died in a tragic car accident in 2008. To this day we buy all our equipment and supplies from his close associate Stu Rosen. I have gone to work with Stu on occasion in New York and Miami.


We took Maurizios course and bought some equipment and we were on our way. Over the past 10 years we have refinished 100’s of floors throughout North Florida. We are in the marble polishing business now almost exclusively, and the reason for that is that we truly love the work we do and the transformation that occurs when we apply our knowledge, tools and equipment to the stone.


If you click on these photos you will see the contrast in one of our most beautiful stone restorations.

A video of the finished marble polishing above:




Marble polishing follows a pattern that is represented by components that follow a predicitale result. Those components are:

  • A consumer that knows virtually nothing about the stone they own. If they purchased the good and had them installed they will have received some basic information about cleaning and maintenance. They will also be told, often in error that the stone needs to have sealer reapplied. When the consumer has an event that participates a change in the stone (selling the house, damage to the stone, desire for change in the finish, or just being sick of the way it looks) they will begin a search for a person that can fix the surface.
  • A stone “expert”. Individuals that are skilled in marble polishing will have a different tools, backgrounds and techniques to refinish the stone at hand. We see the result of substandard marble polishing  jobs every day. The goal of some of theses individuals is to a- charge as much as they can, at the same time doing b- as little work as possible.

My advice to the consumer:

  • Do not have as a goal finding the lowest price as your primary goal in your search for a stone contractor.  Done correctly, the stow restoration is a time consuming process that requires a significant level of skill, and investment in equipment and supplies.
  • Ask the marble polishing company for reference in your neighborhood you can speak with.  These companies will also have tile distributors and fabricators that refer them that will vouch for their expertise.
  • Take the time to learn what specific game plan the contractor has for marble polishing. Specifically, ask how many honing cuts are anticipated.
  • Do not use companies that you find on the internet that are connected to 800#’s or are in another city, or even part of town. The best part of working with Fabric and Tile Masters is that we have a very limited service area we are in every day, and by virtue of that we are able to help our customers at a moments notice at a very reasonable price.


The pages of this website are loaded with pictures and videos of marble polishing and marble repair. The transformation we achieve are second to none. We can also provide marble polishing references in every one of the communities we service. By the large part, these customers have found us through referrals from happy customers as well as marble suppliers.


The reason we pursue marble polishing projects is very simple. As we take the stone through the various abrasive levels the stone begins to develop deep color and becomes more clear. The very next step is the reason we love to polish marble. There are various polishing compounds to achieve a “factory” polish finish. Application of the polish causes the stone to boldly pop and transform into the beautiful stone that looks like a new floor.

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